Predatory fish in our waters remained for 5 years. Forum Hunting & Fishing
Not surprising, since the Russian people, as a culture of drinking is not possible prepagado, still nagykata. So the same with fishing. promoting the ultra - modern sports gear, a…

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The inhabitants of the red sea.
Continue about the underwater world of Sharm El-Sheikh (or rather about the animals that could be observed in the corals near our hotel). Star Cygan (Siganus stellatus), cute fish of…

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Academic – aquarium fish and plants

Types of terrariums

And quarium is a world with its own laws, its people, its landscape. It can be sea and river, it can be populated with exotic fish and a strange shrimp, it can doze sunken Galleons and the lure of the mysterious caves. The aquarium is an entire ecosystem, the knowledge which is infinite, the study of the universe.

Challenging the laws of life behind the glass walls of the aquarium can change depending on what part of the world brought your Pets, which plants planted in the aquarium, which matched the landscape. Some fish species can’t get along among themselves, a difficult combination of conditions, suitable for fish and shrimp. It is not always possible to combine the desirable flora of the aquarium and its population – for example, some plants and fish need water of different hardness, some predators may nibble plants… a Balanced ecosystem – a clear, thoughtful mechanism, and it is not so easy to create!

And the design of the aquarium has its own rules. The background it would look better this or that type of fish? How to design harmonious aquarium? How to combine colors and shades the soil, reefs, plants, fish? Much of the complexity of creating the perfect world! Continue reading

Decorative garden pond

There are many ways to decorate a garden site. Very often it is done only with the help of decorative plants and flowers, garden pavilions, trees, but the most wonderful decoration will always be water element. For example you can create an ornamental pond in his garden.

For this purpose the bottom of the pond needs to be covered is not permeable material. Without this he will soon be without water. You can use a variety of materials – wood, rubber, plastic, or ceramics. Side of the pond can be laid out with marble or granite to add a decorative element.

On the bottom you need to put the soil you will be planting. What is a pond without green algae? To make the pond look natural, you need to add him his life. Keep there fish. But you need to ensure that the water in the reservoir was clean. To save to ensure environmental cleanliness of the reservoir, consider installing a filter in it.

Ideal for garden pond need a natural and harmonious balance. There are important aspects about which you need to think first. First, it is necessary to provide good conditions for a rich underwater vegetation, and secondly, be sure to adjust the amount of sunlight.

Underwater plants play a very valuable role and serve a variety of purposes. Continue reading