The largest catfish in the world, a freshwater fish predator
In March of 2011 Italy was caught the largest catfish in Europe. It weighed 114 kg and was 2.5 m. Robert godi, the angler who caught it, fought with it…

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Decorative garden pond
There are many ways to decorate a garden site. Very often it is done only with the help of decorative plants and flowers, garden pavilions, trees, but the most wonderful…

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Deadly animals

6 places to practice extreme sports, where

is possible to obtain from local inhabitants

The stolen money and the upset stomach is not the only danger that you may encounter, going in search of adventure in an alien region or country. Today we tell about the amazing inhabitants of our planet who don’t care that you’re on vacation and arrived to seek adventure. In our material 6 popular regions to practice extreme sports and activities, and those who in these places can be a real threat to the health and human life.

Silent abyss

Five main dangers that lurk in the depths of the seas and oceans

Most of these creatures trying to interfere with Russian tourists and especially not considering you as a food source, but if successful, the case could have hurt you or eat, and later to declare that it was self-defense. So, be ready with the voice of Nikolay Drozdov, found most interesting in our opinion animals, insects and inhabitants of the seas, to which it is better not to meddle with the request for photos “for memory”. Continue reading

Business idea: fish farming in the basement or pond

Hello friends! How about a wonderful business idea — fish farming?

Like for example, did this brave entrepreneurs from the city of Biysk, you can say at home.

They became interested in artificial fish breeding in the basement of a multistory building, deploying whole rybhoznaya.

Read more how to earn money in the basement, watch the video.

To have real your own pond with fish — the desire of many suburban or suburban residents.

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Sharks fanateyut from music

The shark is a predatory inhabitant of the deep sea. From one only its fin in his veins the blood run cold. But the thrill does not like to tickle nerves, looking danger straight in the eye. It is for these thrill-seekers tour operators have specially arranged meetings with the sharks. Here only the predators don’t always show interest in sitting in a cage to the audience. But the money paid, and so wayward sharks need to attract by any means. Traditionally used for this purpose the bait out of the fish slime. But the Australian tour operator Matt Waller has found a bloodless alternative to attract sharks, better working fish decoys – hard rock performed by the legendary band of the 80’s AC/DC! Looks like reckless Australian rockers, who have sold over 200 million albums worldwide, there are new fans – great white sharks. Solid!

Several times a week, the company Waller of Adventure Bay offers cruises to the Bay of sharks Natanovich on the Islands South of port Lincoln. Here face to face you can meet the largest predatory fish on the planet – great white sharks who hunt in these places on the seals. Taste in music from Queens of the seas fully meet their bloody reputation. In special favor with the sharks turned out to be two of the hit rock songs: “If You Want Blood” (post) Continue reading