Secrets of the depths

Dangerous fish of the red sea
A huge number of tourists are attracted by the Red sea. Fish the waters, however, most of them represent a danger. Underwater world presents not only attractive coral reefs. According…

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Top 10 biggest freshwater fish in the world
Once in the oceans and seas were discovered, big fish, people began to fear them. Everyone was afraid of how large freshwater inhabitants satisfy their hunger. After all, the larger…

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Most dangerous animals of Australia

In this article you will see a rating of where the most dangerous animals of Australia. Australia is very famous for its rich fauna, and if you go there, this rating will be interesting.

1 jellyfish

One of the most deadly animals in the world, and often most noticed in the Australian continent. This jellyfish has an extremely powerful poison. Stings are terribly painful and often fatal. The Australian jellyfish is on the second place among the most dangerous animals on the planet. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of vinegar in your first aid kit if you will be traveling in areas where it is possible to encounter jellyfish.

2 Taipan.

Taipan is a large and very dangerous poisonous snake that is found throughout Australia. Taipan has the most toxic venom of all snake species around the world, it has a dark brown color and is often found in sugar fields where it hunts for rats. The snake is usually found in the far North of Australia, in Queensland, the Northern territory and Western Australia where winter is mild. Taipan’s usually stay away from people, but once they feel threatened, they become predictable. Continue reading

The resort of Egypt killed a tourist from a shark attack

As it became known, the incident occurred on the red sea coast. The victim was 53-year-old tourist from Germany. While swimming tourist in the sea, the shark attacked him and bit off the foot. In the end, a German tourist died on the way to hospital from loss of blood. Note that how far from shore was a man, not specified.

Previous case of shark attacks on tourists off the coast of Marsa Alam has happened in 2009, then the victim of the attack was French tourist.

It is also worth noting that the attack of sharks on tourists is not a rare phenomenon. So for example, in 2013 a German tourist lost an arm on one of the Hawaiian resorts during a shark attack. According to statistics, in 2014, worldwide there were 118 shark attacks on people: of these, 10 people died and 87 were injured. Continue reading

The largest catfish in the world, a freshwater fish predator

In March of 2011 Italy was caught the largest catfish in Europe. It weighed 114 kg and was 2.5 m. Robert godi, the angler who caught it, fought with it for 50 minutes and overcame. He was helped by several people. It was the biggest fish caught in freshwater bodies of Europe. It was called the biggest catfish in the world, caught by the fishermen.

The day was fishing Roberto godi looking for bream, he felt a bite, walked into the river. When soms were on shore, they were all surprised. Roberto weighed the fish, captured him in photos and let it go.

The previous record was caught a little earlier. It was also the European record with a weight of 111 pounds. He was caught on the river Ebro in Spain. May 1, 2009 in the waters of the Mekong river in Thailand was captured another world record weighing 293 pounds with a length of 270 centimeters. These data were recorded by Thai authorities. Was attended by the head of the international research Foundation for WWF (the world Fund of protection of wild nature) Zeb Hogan. The project is interested in the big fish caught in the world. Catfish caught on the Mekong river, is currently the largest fish in the world caught in fresh water. Continue reading

Dangerous fish of the red sea


Fish Barracuda belongs to the family barracudas. It is also called shiranai, or sea pike. There are only 27 species. From these, one can distinguish the great Barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda), roundnose (Sphyraena obtusata), and others.


The Barracuda has a streamlined shape body. The trunk can have a variety of colors: dirty greenish, greyish-Xinyu or yellow-brown. On the sides of sea pike has transverse stripes. This fish can be easily distinguished by the very strongly developed lower jaw that protrudes forward of the upper. Syrena has very sharp teeth, which is troublesome when pulling lures out of its mouth.

The jaws of Barracuda

There are sea pike completely different length and weight. Length and weight at Barracuda directly depends on a type belongs to a specific instance. The largest fish registered was a sea pike, body length was 2 meters and 5 centimeters, its weight was equivalent to 50 kilograms. Quite a large size also inherent in the great Barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda). Adults reach an average length included in the range from 60 centimeters to 1 meter. However, there are some cases where some individuals and a four-foot specimen. For the smaller fishes usually referred kind of huacana and bull Barracuda, photo which is presented below. Continue reading

Buy gold fish is a decorative carp



Many Amateurs prefer to have in their ponds or ponds of goldfish, the name of which caused the first major change in color. The size of the individual fishes does not exceed 30 cm, but if it were to contain in an artificial pond, the size can grow up to 45 cm Another factor influencing the size of this species is the number of animals in the pond, and forage base. Externally goldfish resembles their progenitors of silver and gold carp.

Feeding goldfish

This fish for a garden pond as goldfish has one drawback – it is very voracious, and if after feeding the food remains, it very quickly begins to deteriorate. As a result the water in the pond may become unsuitable for keeping fish.

To avoid this, feeding goldfish should be done several times a day and the portions should be small. Continue reading

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