Low-calorie low-fat fish for diet
Dietitians carry the fish to the category of the most wholesome foods during the diet. The reason is that she, as a rule, very low calorie, but it contains many…

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The largest catfish in the world, a freshwater fish predator
In March of 2011 Italy was caught the largest catfish in Europe. It weighed 114 kg and was 2.5 m. Robert godi, the angler who caught it, fought with it…

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Life began in water, or rather in the sea water. The sea has great power, they hide amazing secrets. Take, the healing effects of sea salt, on the basis of which produced many cosmetic products. Or seafood, which is a scarce source of many vitamins and nutrients. No wonder because the inhabitants of the sea coast as one can boast of excellent health and radiant appearance.

Edible sea inhabitants can be divided into several groups:


Among these exotic sea creatures are sea cucumbers. sea urchins and sea cucumbers.

Recently in Russia have become very popular seafood, considerably enliven the diet. Today you can freely enjoy the wonderful taste of red caviar or oysters. dishes from sturgeon. lobster. shrimp, lobster and scallops. And seafood on the Russian market in two price categories. The first includes exotic expensive seafood such as lobsters, oysters. crayfish. octopus and others. The second group consists of shrimp, squid, mussels. seafood mix and others.

Seafood you can eat constantly and not worry about her slender figure. Seafood contain very small amounts of fat, but useful for the body substances in them is more than enough. Here you can find some 38 trace elements:iodine, zinc, copper, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, iron, cobalt, etc., All these substances are a powerful tool for prevention of various diseases:

– anemia,

– gastritis,

– endocrine system diseases,

The seafood from the category of foods that are both tasty and healthy. How many of them do not eat, nothing but benefits they will bring. They are not boring and will decorate any festive table. For example, without red and black caviar contains a lot of “vitamins of youth”, incredible New year or other memorable event.

The mussels and shrimp, this krovetvornymi storehouse of vitamin B12, it is possible to cook easy and delicious soup. Oysters. crabs. lobster lobster and can perfectly indulge in some seaside restaurant. In General, seafood inspire the creation of various dishes. salads, cold appetizers, second dishes, etc.

The marine fauna is so diverse that you can find a “marine reptile” to your liking. This can be Regal salmon or terribly poisonous fugu. tender scallop or spicy lobster. exotic trepang or quite familiar perch.

In any national cuisine will definitely be a place for fish dishes. but in a Mediterranean and Japanese simply do not count. Seafood is the main component of any dish.