Dangerous predators such as sharks
The shark is cruel and ruthless hunter, she attributed various unimaginable properties. The shark is one of the main characters of myths and legends of the peoples inhabiting the Polynesian…

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The scariest sea creatures
In the seas and oceans live the most unusual and alien beings on Earth. And some of them look very scary... Fish-frog. Found in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans…

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Internevod – Risk marine world

The beauty of the inhabitants of our seas can sometimes become a terrible force to be a threat to human health. Bright colors in the marine world often serve as a warning to others and talking to interesting enemies kept their distance. Only foolish people can relate to such warning. Such curiosity can lead to many days of treatment.

Bright sea stars, soft transparent jellyfish, a whole carpet of underwater meadows of coral and anemones can arm themselves against the man.

Lovely jellyfish light as a cloud floats past you – don’t touch it, millions of people in the swimming season each year suffer from severe burns. The farther South, the more dangerous species of jellyfish. The most dangerous jellyfish is the Portuguese ship and the Australian sea wasp. Touch the tentacles cause a burn, similar to nettle. The affected area should be processed food vinegar, pain medication and lubricating sintomitsinovoy emulsion.

Sea urchins often hide in the Sands of the seashore and walking on the seabed can accidentally puncture the foot. Some sea urchins are very poisonous needles, for example, the tiara. After this contact person receives a shock and temporary paralysis. First aid involves removing the needles and the treatment of the wound with antiseptics to prevent suppuration.

Starfish are very beautiful and most are harmless, but if you met a star with vemulawada with spikes on the ends, stop is akantaster or the crown of thorns. Its spikes are poisonous, causing inflammation of the affected areas, vomiting, dizziness and swelling. Is to immediately place the injured area in hot water with a temperature of over 50 °C, treating the wound with antiseptics and to lubricate. In the future the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. Conclusion: I see such a miracle, stay away from it!

Corals are protected by law, and so for that reason alone, it is not recommended to touch this beauty. Ordinary reef corals of low toxicity and cause only slight burns, but if your eyes caught bright fire coral with captivating beauty, a familiarity with him will be like touching heated metal. One prevention – do not touch the corals and they will not hurt you.

Clams – cones, inhabiting coral reefs, can only bite your delicate tooth. In the absence of medical aid person can suffocate and die. The affected area should wrap a tight bandage to slow the spread of poison through the blood vessels, immediately call a doctor!

Octopuses are very fascinating with their graceful dance in the sea Kingdom. Large specimens are not terrible, but small – these dangerous enemies are blue-ringed octopuses. When an octopus wants to attack, then his body emerge bright purple and Magenta rings. After the injection of an octopus is paralysis and asphyxiation. If respiratory arrest occurs – immediate help in the form of artificial respiration and chest compressions can save a person’s life.

Beautiful bright tropical fish 70% are dangerous and used for the defense of the poison in all possible ways. The vast realm of poisonous creatures – tropical fish. You should not catch unfamiliar species, be careful to take them in hands. Not tasting meals in your own risk.

Be very careful in dealing with marine brothers. Remember that their habitat is for us only a place of entertainment, and for them is a house.