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Marine Mycobacterium. The infection and lesions caused by Mycobacterium sea. Distribution

Marine Mycobacterium is a slow-growing atypical bacteria that is commonly found in organisms in fresh or salt water in many parts of the world. Skin infections associated with marine Mycobacterium in humans, overall, are relatively common and usually arise upon contact with aquarium water or fish. The infection develops after penetration of the bacteria through a small cut or scratch on the skin. The first signs of infection include: redness of the skin, formation of reddish-brown lumps on the skin (granulomas). Less often, the affected area of the body suddenly found a group of small reddish bumps.

A long way to get this infection in well maintained swimming pools, due to the protection provided by adequate chlorination. Marine bacilli usually does not grow at normal body temperature. That’s why she hits the colder surface of the body. In General, diagnosis and treatment of this unusual skin infection is often delayed due to lack of suspicion for this atypical bacterium, unlike more common bacteria, such as staph. But it will not prevent you to carry out repair of washing machines Noginsk .

What are the names of the lesion caused by Mycobacterium sea?

Some synonyms of the sea and Mycobacterium infections of the skin,resulting from its impact, include tropical fish granuloma, fish tank granuloma, acid-fast the bacilli, infection salt water, a freshwater infection, infection of the sea, marine bacterial infection.

How common marine Mycobacterium?

Although rare, infection can occur worldwide, most frequently among persons who are professionally or on holiday exposed to fish or salt water. In some developed country infection caused by Mycobacterium marine, rare, with a calculated annual incidence of 0.27 cases per 100,000 adults. Among, about 100-150 annual cases is a simple majority of skin infections. This infection is very rare among children and is usually a disease of adults.

As a person becomes infected with Mycobacterium sea?

Infection of humans caused by Mycobacterium sea under normal circumstances, are rare. People become prone to this infection when there is minimal skin trauma, before or during contact with marine life such as fish or turtles, or just with aquarium, salt or fresh water.

However, people who have minimal lesions on the skin such as small cuts or scrapes are at increased risk

when in contact with water from the aquarium or fish tank;

when cut, clean or process fish;

when swimming or working in fresh or salt water.

One form of the infection known as “swimming pools granuloma” can occur when there is inadequate chlorination of swimming pools. However, in a developed country the majority of the human infections associated with this bacterium was associated with contact with the tank for your fish.

Marine Mycobacterium is not spread from person to person. It is also not transmitted in hospitals.