Internevod - Risk marine world
The beauty of the inhabitants of our seas can sometimes become a terrible force to be a threat to human health. Bright colors in the marine world often serve as…

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Top 10 biggest freshwater fish in the world
Once in the oceans and seas were discovered, big fish, people began to fear them. Everyone was afraid of how large freshwater inhabitants satisfy their hunger. After all, the larger…

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Predatory fish in our waters remained for 5 years. Forum Hunting & Fishing

Not surprising, since the Russian people, as a culture of drinking is not possible prepagado, still nagykata.

So the same with fishing.

promoting the ultra – modern sports gear, a Russian fisherman in the pursuit of excitement does not notice the bag fills another pike..

We’ll all have to go fishing abroad – and this in all seriousness. I know what you’re talking about TC are the ecologist by training and profession. Our country is a big buffet, where the main task of everyone is to grab as much as possible in the shortest period. Just recall you ever seen how the Russians eat at a buffet? Now let us remember how they behaved? This is a feature, as it is fashionable to say, our mentality. We will destroy until it’s all exhausted and none of the laws will not stop us. This is based on the modern Russian economy. It is called the commodity – in reality it comes down to principle “until you have something to sell – we will do it, and when it’s all over there will think”. In fisheries all along the same scheme. For borsenstrasse, fish – the free wrath, wholewsale in puddles and basically a draw. When we imagine Western countries, we think that there are some skyscrapers and “nature” is not there at all, it’s our deserted spaces. For that would clearly show the essence of this confusion, we present a couple of examples, though not fishing:

For example, in the USA (according to statistical and accounting data)in a year on roads perishes more deer than there are just in Russia. Or another: the wild boar numbers in Russia is equal to the number of wild boar in Poland. So what about beskrayney spaces?

Recently went to see what’s new on the vent with warm Kuban. Fishermen shaft as always. As he stood, pondered whether to raspakovyvaya (because the fishing there is generally forbidden by the law), I nearly blew the head off the danger usady uncle, who stood on a stone straight home and started smakowite thick Drin (Drin whistled a 10-20cm above my head). And here I thought that this here man with a big moustache, the day of pericolace more fish than I will go for the year.

So, I think we’ll cha-cha, cha-cha. And will have to accept that we don’t give a shit. We will save money and ride to catch bass in Spain or Cyprus.

Thank you for your attention!

Can froth up people touching example of wildlife in our region. Recently worked in the village of Poltava. There lived in hotel near H. Telegin. There flowed a stream Erik Poltava. How then, after work, let think’ll come gonna wash lures in herica. Seen a picture of me watala to senile smirk.

Sirina stream about 5m. with odnoy side to nim comes close to the private sector. 1) all dwellings have Sewerage removed at Erik. 2) from each house, from coast to coast Eric partitioned networks (the distance between the networks of about 10m). 3) at short intervals between the networks sit grandfather (grandpa, one from each house) and scoop something that is not stuck in the nets of huge spiders. 4) looked at how local dispose of solid domestic waste: from the kitchen comes a little girl with Bolshiye service garbage to the shore, spins the package and throws it in the water. the package floats down the stream.

I want otmetit what was observed what is mined grandpa monstrous spiders – fish an average size of 10cm, which they put in buckets.

Do you think these normal average people interested in environmental issues?