Top 10 biggest freshwater fish in the world
Once in the oceans and seas were discovered, big fish, people began to fear them. Everyone was afraid of how large freshwater inhabitants satisfy their hunger. After all, the larger…

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Among infectious diseases most common diseases of bacterial origin: aeromonosis and Pseudomonas. Aeromonosis.The causative agent is aeromonad – motile gram-negative bacteria p. Aeromonas (A. hydrophila, A. sobria) related to SEM.…

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Catfish-ancistrus: a small miracle in a small aquarium

In my aquarium of 30 liters is inhabited by three catfish-antitrus, twin Zebra pink and three minor. It would seem that conditions are not favorable for breeding fish. Place them a bit and care for them can be regarded as average. Periodically they receive the vitamins that people eat generic dry food, and sometimes crustaceans and crushed gammarus. But even in such conditions in my aquarium a miracle happened and came to light little catfish, although I have heard that breeding them is not easy.

How can we explain this sudden success?

The design of my aquarium is quite simple: the soil consists of small stones; – live plants, there is only one artificial Bush echinodorus; – at the bottom are sea shells and stones, scalded with boiling water; as the shelter is a large shell Rapana.

Despite the modest improvement, the catfish was the shelter for future kids. They may have used for this shell. After hatching of the first batch of fry, I found another one laying.

Happened addition to the family in the winter. I have heard from many breeders that spawn the required reduced temperature. Probably prohladnaja in the aquarium contributed to the creation of favorable conditions. When I became interested in how specially bred catfish, I also learned that they need subdued light. In the winter light day becomes short enough. Therefore, this condition also served as a stimulating factor.

After analyzing the situation, I realized that there was another favorable factor. Shortly before the arrival of kids I spent cleaning the tank and partial water changes. Communicating with other holders of catfish, I learned that usually the female and three to four males deposited separately in the new water by adding water from the aquarium. Perhaps the new water was more encouragement for them to spawn.

You can also come to the conclusion that in the aquarium to be 1 female and two males. After looking at their Pets more closely, I have picked out a female. It is slightly larger than the two small males. Two masonry probably came as a result of the first relationship with a single male, and then with the other. It is very interesting to observe how the female was to protect the shell of Rapana, which hid their babies from other fish. Such observations I managed to make after detection of the second laying.

So I accidentally created my fish all the necessary conditions for them to be successful parents, while babies hatched and not so much, according to breeders. Grown catfish went to the pet store (there were about 30 pieces!) to look for new owners. Two kids myself and plan to arrange for the newly formed family expanded living space at the expense of purchasing a larger aquarium.