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Top 10: the biggest fish in the world caught ever

Every fisherman dreams of a nice big catch. Professional anglers try to catch the biggest fish and set a new world record. Each of us understands that is an absolute record for all times – impossible. Be sure to find the craftsmen able to achieve greater results than their predecessors, but there are people for whom the desire to become the most successful angler becomes a life goal. The names of these lucky winners were entered in the list of the International Association of sports fishing.

1. Atlantic tuna

Ken Fraser caught the biggest in the world of Atlantic Tunas (lat. Thunnus thynnus) in waters of olds Cove in Nova Scotia, Canada. This event occurred on 26 October 1979. Fish weighing 678 kg, and Ken managed to catch it in just 45 minutes, and was famous throughout the rest of your life.

2. Atlantic blue Marlin

Record high Atlantic blue Marlin (lat. Makaira nigricans) caught by Paulo Amorim on 29th February 1992. He wrestled with Hulk 80 minutes and pulled him on the coast of Victoria in Brazil. The Marlin weighs about 635 kg and surpassed the previous record of 54 pounds.

3. Swordfish

Swordfish (lat. Xiphias gladius)record was caught may 7, 1953 in the waters of Chile near the coast of Iquique. Was lucky Lou Maron, pulled the giant for 2 hours.He was 4,55 meters long and weighed over 536 pounds.

4. Giant Mekong catfish “Grizzly Bear”

May 1, 2005 fishermen in Northern Thailand caught what many scientists consider the largest freshwater fish in the world giant catfish (Pangasianodon gigas). Its length amounted to 2.74 meters, and it weighed 293 pounds. As the size of it resembled an adult grizzly bear, the locals called it.

5. The biggest pike in the world

October 16, 1986, a fisherman by the name of Lothar Lewis caught in the lake Greffern that in Western Germany, giant pike dlinni 152 cm. Fish weighed 25 kg, which is almost 5 pounds more than the previous record set by Peter Dubya. Lothar Lewis took 40 minutes to deal with the giant, and pull him ashore.

6. Trout perch

This huge trout perch (lat. Micropterus salmonides) record for two reasons: first, he weighs 10 pounds, and secondly, he is also the oldest trout perch in the world – it is 77 years. He was caught by Manabu Kurita from Aichi in Japan July 2, 2009.

7. Mississippi pancernik

This scary look is usually found in the southwest USA, but also sometimes swims North to Illinois and South to Veracruz in Mexico. This fish was shot by John Paul Morris and it weighed 104 kg.

8. Large tiger fish

Giant tiger fish (lat. Hydrocynus goliath) lives in the waters of the rivers of Central Africa and is famous for its big teeth. Tiger fish record sizes caught 9 July 1988 Raymond Houtman. The weight of fish amounted to nearly 44 kilograms.

9. Yellowfin Jack

A Japanese man by the name of Keiki Hamasaki of Kagoshima caught a big yellowfin of karanxha (Caranx ignoblis) near his home on may 22, 2006. It took him only 35 minutes to pull out a 72 pound giant on the shore.

10. Blue catfish

Blue catfish record sizes (lat. Ictalurus furcatus) was caught 47 year old Missouri resident Greg Bernal on July 21, 2012. He caught the long fish of 1.45 meters in the Missouri river. The weight of the catfish was almost 59 kg.

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