As they say fish? Questions and answers on physics
Who? What? Where? How? Where? When? What? Why? What? How much? "Yes" or "no"? MUTE AS A FISH? Physics note. Fish extract sounds when the friction of the Gill plates.…

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Products to care for your garden pond from JBL - JBL
We present our range of products for garden ponds. In it you will find everything you need to care for water in the garden pond, against algae, fertilizers for nymphs.…

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What sea in Egypt

The first thing to figure out before the trip to Egypt is what sea in Egypt. Egypt is washed by two seas Red and Mediterranean..

From the red sea the climate is more arid, but thanks to constantly blowing winds, the heat is transferred relatively easily. In summer and autumn, the air temperature reaches an average of +37º, and the water temperature is +27 º C, frankly, it’s not the water temperature in the Atlantic. The banks lofty and steep, often precipitous. The red sea has become a national landmark of Egypt because of the huge diversity of animal and plant underwater world.

From the Mediterranean sea the bottom is covered with algae and corals, so to go into the water cautiously. When on the Red sea for swimming, the water here is not yet sufficiently warmed up. The swimming season opens later, but the climate here is mild and the sea, making bathing a more pleasant and refreshing.

A variety of underwater “residents” of the red sea make Egypt attractive for the diving fans from all over the world. To swimming in the sea, like swimming in the ocean. fun, and not end problems, it is necessary to know the features of some sea creatures.

Sea urchins, seemingly “harmless innocent” creatures hiding in all the crevices between the rocks. Under precritical they, unnoticed by anyone sitting at one place for a few days. Curious, unsuspecting tourists, enthusiastically engaged in diving, floating right under the nose of prickly sea creatures. And often, begin to touch or break the corals, not knowing that it is dangerous. If you give a sea urchin, for a few days, or even weeks, you have to forget about the sea and the beach and lay with a bandaged limb up to a complete recovery.

Second, no less dangerous creature is the Stingray. Cases to let people step on stingrays are extremely rare, but still happens. The shock of the little skate safe, but causes an unpleasant dizziness and weakness in the body.

Another interesting creature living at the bottom of the red sea is a Scorpion fish. These cunning, like rocks being, protected by poisonous spines, which are placed on their back. They don’t move, but when you see, passing, extraction, mouth open and with the flow of water the victim is sucked in. Their poison is fatal to humans.

Some tourists disregard the prohibition to feed the fish swimming between the corals. And in vain! Feeding often attracts fish common here surgeon, they begin to scurry between the feet, resulting in injury. With the help of sticking out on the sides, sharp flat bones, she, albeit not purposefully, can cut skin to the meat. This happens so fast that people do not even feel.

But the sharks, who love to tell “terrible and awful” stories, not particularly interested serenely float tourists.