Products to care for your garden pond from JBL - JBL
We present our range of products for garden ponds. In it you will find everything you need to care for water in the garden pond, against algae, fertilizers for nymphs.…

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What to do in case of shark attack? Tips
Office of emergency in the Primorye territory has developed guidelines to tourists on how to behave when meeting with a shark. This was done in connection with several cases of…

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Dangerous animals of the Black sea

In the Black sea there are just a few of the inhabitants, dangerous to humans. They need to know. You must also know how to avoid them and what to do if you are attacked.

Let’s start with Black sea rays . Only two of them — the sea vixen and sea cat . They, like all stingrays, rhomboid body shape and long tail. Sea cat is a viviparous fish and the fry of the sea foxes are born from eggs. This sea Fox is not poisonous, and sea cat, on the contrary, very dangerous. Sea cat is often called the Stingray. He loves to lie and bask on a sandy shoal. Since the fish has a rounded tail it buries in the sand, bathers often take it for flounder and try to catch. In an emergency, for example if you grab the hand of rays or accidentally step on him, like lightning he strikes the tail with a Horny thorn on the end and inject into the wound a strong poison. The injection site swells instantly, the unlucky fisherman kind of pain can cause vomiting and even partial paralysis.

If you hit the sea cat, get out immediately ashore, pull the thorn from your own body, otsasyvaet the poison from the wound and immediately call your doctor. But in fact, not to experience the effect of poorly known poison, when you bathe watch your step and try nekohana shallow water do not catch.

Painful injections may cause sea and ruff . Most of the victims are fans of underwater hunting. The fish lives on the bottom. At a depth of several meters. In crevices of rocks. Himself no one else attacks, but it was a very convenient target for naval guns. Sedentary, ear of nourishing him. If you are caught ruff, observe the following precautions. Do not touch the prickly fins and spines located on the back of the fish. Ruff put in a bag or package of thick fabric.

The wounds caused by the fins of the fish, inflamed and painful. The poison may not have a fever. Be very careful on spearfishing.

The most dangerous for human inhabitants of the Black sea is a sea dragon . it is also called the sea dragon, Scorpion, snake. It is a small gray fish with a length of 25-30 cm, with sharp poisonous spines on the dorsal fin and the gills. Sea dragon does not normally occur in bathing areas, but may fall for the bait fisherman.

If an inexperienced angler will take it in hand, then sharp spikes will dig into the palm of his hand and injected a potent poison. There is severe pain, increasing for half an hour to the maximum. In the area of injections, the skin swells up, and sometimes it may come to a deadening of the tissue. Soon General symptoms of poisoning: headache, pain in the heart, disturbed breathing, paralysis of limbs, loss of speech. In the most severe cases, death occurs. The pain lasts for days, swelling up to ten days, and General malaise for about a month.

First aid consists in removing the debris from the wounds of fin, sucking out the poison, flush the wound with alcohol or a solution of potassium permanganate. But most importantly — as quickly as possible to bring the patient to the hospital for the course of General detoxification .