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Turkey – animal planet – part 3 (Marine life)

Turkey is washed by four seas. in the West — the Aegean, in the North — Black, South — Mediterranean and North-West Marmara.

In this article you will be acquainted with a great variety of the underwater world of Turkey.

In Turkey are very diverse world of marine life. In addition to the beautiful, peaceful fish there are about forty species of sharks. I hope you won’t be lucky enough to see them, but just in case read the safety rules.

Shark attack can be avoided

First of all, you should know that sharks never attack without reason. They are nearsighted and can take a floundering man by the fish.

Another reason the attack – protection (if you provoke a shark). The predator can react to the scent and sight of blood or even bright spots in the form of shiny jewelry or swimwear.

In this regard, experts do not recommend to bathe:

Evening, at night or at dawn (at this time, the sharks are particularly active, as this is the time of eating);

-Next to fishing boats where large shoals of fish;


-Bright and contrast bathing suits;

-If you have recent wounds or cuts (sharks can smell blood at a great distance).

In addition:

-Before swimming, remove jewelry (chains, rings, earrings);

-Naplevatelski not far from shore;

-If you float on a raft or inflatable mattress, keep hands and feet in water;

-In places of possible appearance of sharks try to swim quietly, without floundering;

-You should understand that the tactics of shark attacks may be different – white sharks often make a surprise attack, it is also possible ambush, when the person is unable in advance to react to the approaching shark. In any case, it is necessary to oppose and even better to take care of the precautions as to predict the behavior of these predators is very difficult.

If you are “lucky” and you met a shark

How to behave in case of a shark attack

-If you see an approaching shark, try not to make any sudden movements and slowly begin to swim towards the shore. Remember that chaotic movements are perceived in the water sharks extremely aggressive. The shark does not attack immediately, first, she swims a few laps around the “prey”, and then can strike sideways.

In this case:

-do not turn your back on her;

-keep calm;

-struggling to hit the shark (to the side, eyes, nose, gills – the most sensitive places) – well, if you have something on hand, as against bumps you can get abrasion and the attack will be inevitable.

-To attack a shark if it’s already preparing to attack, the right decision. However, in this situation the main thing is to overcome your fear. Abruptly pull the gills, punch in the nose, stick a knife, a stone or even fingers in the eye – there is a chance that the shark will retreat. Although there are situations when the shark makes several attempts of attack. This is not to make any sudden jerky movements and panic – then there will remain a chance for salvation.

-After the shark attack on land, if received damage, it is important to stop the bleeding, to treat the wound, put a bandage and urgently seek medical assistance, even if injuries are minor, because there is a risk of infection.

We suggest you to see part of the marine diversity of Turkey!