The scariest sea creatures
In the seas and oceans live the most unusual and alien beings on Earth. And some of them look very scary... Fish-frog. Found in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans…

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Bait for catching predatory fish. A new tool for bait fish.
The principle of operation: The main principle FishHungry it is considered permanent high hunger, exclusively at big fish. FishHungry working specifically on instincts fish physical level, at first, to to…

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Kyiv Garden – View topic – Fish in the pond

She asked her husband to comment on your answers (his name is Igor)

There are goldfish for aquariums and ponds. Goldfish for pond has a classic shape (carp), but coloring it bright. There are yellow, white, orange, spotted. Yet there is a subspecies: shubunkin (long tail and spotted), comet (long beautiful tail), Vakin (triple tail) but they are more whimsical to water quality and temperature and contain them in premises with an open pond, greenhouses, fountains, etc.

To pond is to choose corotating fish with a conventional tail. Better to take the fry from 3 to 10 cm long. It adapts to your conditions. But fry need to run at water temperatures less than 15 degrees. Or there must be a temper. Otherwise it may be stress and death by hypothermia or “thermal shock”.

To feed the fish (tested on personal experience ) have dry food pellets better than the JBL (sold by weight or bundles) or other manufacturer, but it is better not to save. Since live food can carry parasites.

You cannot plant wild plants (taken from rivers and lakes) in the pond or near. Brought against the parasites slave to no immunity.

On simwastatino in the pond to put the heater or to catch fish and to keep fish in the tank with a temperature of about 0 degrees. Otherwise the fish may suffocate under the ice.

If you want to have transparent water will have to fork out for a treatment system (filters, UV sterilisator) and to think through the complex an entire reservoir as a closed balanced system with a properly chosen fish (carp – the bottom and the entire thickness of the reservoir, Orff – the upper layers of the reservoir) coastal plants, floating plants (oxygenators – absorbing organics from the water), bottom, decorative, etc. on the bottom you can release the Firth bloodworms to eat the waste products of the fish and plants, in the mechanical filter can contain a colony of beneficial bacteria that will process the nitrates into nitrites, etc.

Well, if by simple, you and modest. That is, without expensive filters, but the main thing to consider. Because for example without a system of overflow and drainage holes in any way. And if the rain will go a few days without a break? Then the pond will flood and it can porobit and plants around violating the water balance and the water becomes cloudy and the fish can swim and die.

Certainly the presence of trees and shrubs shading the mirror pond part of the day.

1 time per year (spring) required surgery to replace water in the pond (with partial pay 1-2% of total is old) and clean the walls from filamentous algae, the catch of larvae of dragonflies and of predaceous diving beetles.

Need to set a special net in the fall of water from the leaves otherwise they will rot and excrete nitrogen, which will kill the fish.

Etc, etc page 15 information. But all the time. Ask and I will answer. Maybe someone else will share.