The inhabitants of the red sea Tourism forum
Dangerous inhabitants of the red sea The red sea is considered the most beautiful sea in the world. It really impresses by its variety of colors and shapes. However, not…

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Dangerous fish of the red sea

A huge number of tourists are attracted by the Red sea. Fish the waters, however, most of them represent a danger. Underwater world presents not only attractive coral reefs.

According to the data in the Red sea is home to several species of sharks.

Grey reef shark lives near rocks and reefs. The animal shows interest in the person.

The oceanic whitetip shark. In length, adults can reach four meters. Usually, she swims close to shore. However, the danger always exists.

The tiger shark can reach four and a half meters. Less per meter length of silky sharks. She has a very aggressive nature and is very dangerous for people.

Quite aggressive and the hammerhead shark – dangerous sea predator.

In the Red sea and home to a small leopard shark. Its length is about one meter. There is information about the attack of this species on humans. Dangerous and powerful predator sand tiger shark.

At a depth of delegata dwells the shark. This predator also poses a risk to humans.

Fish of the red sea is represented by species living in shallow water. So dangerous are the stingrays. On their tail is present, a poisonous thorn. In shallow waters and is also home to stingrays.

There are fish of the red sea, which are found in the waters everywhere.

For example, the Barracuda can attack humans, taking for the extraction of his limbs.

Dangerous for people and such fish of the red sea as the Moray. They look like snakes. Their strong body can reach three meters in length.

A lot of spines present on the dorsal fin of the fish-stone (this is the poisonous fish of the red sea).

This species lives in the coastal zone and disguises itself in the sand, so it can be a real threat to holidaymakers, who can tread on them. Also masked and fish-crocodiles. Their habitat is the coral.

Bright color have fish-surgeons. Their tail fins are pressed to the body with a sharp spikes. In the event of danger fins bloom. These fish live in the red sea coral reefs.

Also in the coastal areas you can find sea urchins. Many of them have poisonous glands. Fish-urchins has about six to eight genera. Distributed these individuals in many tropical seas. In length these fish are the order of sixty centimeters. When in danger, the body takes the shape of a ball covered with spikes. The inside and the skin is poisonous.

Lionfish is a very beautiful fish of the red sea. Their large pectoral fins very similar to the wings. The color of the fish resembles a mackerel – the body is covered with red-and-white stripes. The lionfish fins in the needles contained a poison deadly to humans.

A very big danger for people is bluefin balistic. Any encroachment on territory which they inhabit, balistoides begin to attack.

Very bright and beautiful shell-cone has a spike with a very dangerous substance. In case of contact poison in the human body is the paralysis of the organs of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

While on vacation on the Red sea, it is necessary to observe security measures.

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