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Dangerous water animals

“Dangerous” is a relative term applicable term for some species of fish, stingrays and other sea creatures, since people may be interested in, if only trying to disturb their life. How to protect yourself from them – you need to know favorite places they live and hunt, and try to stay out of their territory.


Moray – large, up to three meters, and quite shy predators of the family of acne, common in the Mediterranean and Red seas. They live almost at the bottom during the day and are located in the coral or rocky crevices, looking at the passing fish, and at night go hunting. Feed on small fish, not hesitating to octopuses and crustaceans. So. knowing their location, it doesn’t cost much to swim, disturbing them. Moray if you got bitten, immediately wash the wound and check for any remnants of the teeth of eels.


Rays, cartilaginous fish class, which has a flat body and large, fused with the head fins. They do not attack people, but they are easy to overlook – they are so well encrypted on the bottom of the sea. Like Moray eels eat small fish and crustaceans. For divers the most dangerous small stingrays and electric, and large Manta rays – the most harmless.

If you touched a Stingray, and it stung his tongue with a needle disposed at the tail, take action immediately. You need to clean the wound, forceps to remove the needle and apply a strictthe bandage. Severe pain can be calming, placing for a couple of hours in warm water limb with painful lesion.


Skorinova – ray-finned, poorly swimming fish that prefer to keep production closer to the bottom. Characteristic they are armed with poisonous spines on the fins. And if the Reef is easily seen because of their bright “appearance” as if they’re hiding, such as Scorpion fish Scorpionfish Stounfish or almost blend in with the surroundings. The principle of the wound treatment is the same as when you burn a Stingray, but refrain from the ice and tight bandages.


Barracuda – like fish with a powerful jaw, rather large – average length of 1m. 20, and the longest Barracuda – 2,05 m. They do not pay attention to people, preying on fish and squid alone or in a flock( small specimens), but can “confuse” you with food, if the water is opaque. If a Barracuda had bitten a person, you need to immediately take action to stop the bleeding, as their sharp teeth they can damage blood vessel.

The triggerfish

The trigger – igloprobivnye fish with ornament of stripes or spots of blue, black, yellow, silver and white colors. They are the owners and are important to them territorial integrity. If a man gets on the territory of the nests of triggerfish, he can not escape the attack. Teeth are their main weapon, so I noticed the fish do not swim up close.

The cone – snails are predators. They are very beautiful and so the man took the cone in his hands and forcing him to defend himself, exposed to danger from the bite, because some of these guys are deadly. According to statistics, death from the venom of the cone occurs three times more often than sharks. Although in everyday life venom, they paralyze their prey and it is applicable to pharmacology as a pain reliever.