Methods of cooking Catfish
Relatives of the catfish, for example, the black catfish (Ictalurus melas), now live in the Central and southern regions of Italy. Channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) settled in South-East England. These…

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Low-calorie low-fat fish for diet
Dietitians carry the fish to the category of the most wholesome foods during the diet. The reason is that she, as a rule, very low calorie, but it contains many…

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Bait for catching predatory fish. A new tool for bait fish.

The principle of operation:

The main principle FishHungry

it is considered permanent

high hunger,

exclusively at big fish.

FishHungry working

specifically on instincts

fish physical

level, at first, to

to attract from long distances

hearty fish.

This action is based on pheromones – biologically functional substances secreted active organisms in and outside the box affect the temper, the physical and emotional state or metabolism of other individuals of the same appearance.

In 2011, the result of fruitful bilateral cooperation of professionals from the Center for the study of environmental problems of fishing activities and aquaculture, Italy under the direction of doctor Andy Moore synthesized chemical. the substance, composition and conduct of which were similar to the natural pheromone fish, leading to a sharp increase unmotivated their appetite and tendency to clusterisation.

Subsequently, on the basis of the synthesized pheromone was manufactured commercial products, entered the European market under the brand name FishHungry.

Doctor Andy Moore, Italian scholar, speaking on the BBC, said: “We found a method that really will force the fish to eat, in this case – anything. Remedy invented by us, affects the smell of fish and forces them to eat carefully. This will lead to the reconstruction of fisheries”.

FishHungry is a product that is in demand not only as an attractant to attract fish to sport and recreational fisheries, but also an element actively used by fish farms, because its use raises the possibility of growing carnivorous Lenten fish feed.



FishHungry contains synthesized pheromones, concentrated light oils and versatile aft models for all varieties of fish.

This product is a 5 metallic package (7 x 5 cm) filled with activator to 5 ml each in waterproof plastic containers.

Usage instructions

Fishing peaceful fish mix the contents of the ampoule with the bait, which usually use. It can be no matter how luring: purchased, self-made, multi-component, etc., for service blending may be pre-diluted FishHungry with a small amount of water. Dose: 1 packet (5 ml) for 2-2,5 kg of bait.

For catching predatory fish FishHungry can handle all of the artificial and natural baits. Silicone bait, spoon lures, or can be lowered into a jar of liquid.

FishHungry permitted to use and with live baits directly. Spread what is inside of the ampoule in cold water, dip there and nasazhivaya bait on the hook.

The concentration of the solution: 1 packet diluted in 0.5 liters of water.

In one package of 5 units in 5 ml

Expiration date: 15.05.2020