Deadly animals
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Decorative garden pond
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Fishing for predatory fish

Spinning the main catch of predatory fish, and thus this type of fishing requires the angler some skill and a good command of the tackle. High level of skill can be achieved through systematic long training, which will be solely cast the lure right on target. Because of this, spinning tackle is the most sporting.

To start using weights is recommended with the arrival of the spring season in small rivers, creeks and backwaters, as there the water warms up and brightens earlier than in other fishing areas. Remember that in reservoirs and lakes spinning tackle can only be used two weeks after spawning. The most intense biting, in practice, falls on the evening and the morning. In the summer of predatory fish remain in shaded places.

Their ambush arrange in shallow weedy bays. In fast water, especially at high shoals, hunting for prey only Chub and ASP. In the evening and early in the dawn, and enough cool days to come to the shallows to hunt and pike.popular fishing Belonging to the online store “Fishmania”. Among the wide range of appropriate lures always afford to choose between professional fishermen and Amateurs. Most importantly, the prices are affordable to everyone, especially considering the high quality of manufacturing balancer.

As soon as autumn comes, the predators begin to fatten on low currents, in those places where constantly accumulate small flocks of small inexperienced fish. The best hunting period spinning is also considered in the period of cooling of water masses to a temperature of 15 degrees. So, once the street came the “Indian summer” – it’s just that it is a favorable time for fishing with this tackle. Try to buy weights several options to in the process of fishing to find a more appropriate lure to the area.

It is clear that the most effective and catchability are horizontal spinners, which are most similar to the fish and match the dominant fish species, which are the main prey of predators in this pond.

Pick up the weights depending on the weather conditions, because great importance is the color of the spinner. It is recommended that you take with you on fishing brass or copper, highly polished or Nickel, is quite suitable and silver plated. Never go wrong in choosing colors, two-tone with spinnerst. Every casting tackle must be different deeper dive of the balance weight to the bottom. To achieve this, after casting a deliberately tackle the PREROLL delay at a certain time, based on the calculation that the balancer will drop down to around half a meter per second. For uniform transaction against the current podmahivala trolling faster than, for example, when casting downstream.