Products to care for your garden pond from JBL - JBL
We present our range of products for garden ponds. In it you will find everything you need to care for water in the garden pond, against algae, fertilizers for nymphs.…

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Dangerous fish of the red sea
A huge number of tourists are attracted by the Red sea. Fish the waters, however, most of them represent a danger. Underwater world presents not only attractive coral reefs. According…

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What are the brightest aquarium fish?

Aquarium fish is not only an object of care and the “home therapy”, is also a source of aesthetic pleasure. Aquarium fish is extremely beautiful creatures, and then, as they say, “the taste and color of comrades” – aquarist favorites. But some types of fish are a special beauty and brightness.

For example, the koi fish is a decorative carp freshwater. Brought these fish in Japan, where farmers bred carp in ponds. Was sometimes a fish with “non-standard” colouring – and they ate, and were kept separately. Gradually the breeding of colored fish evolved from peasant savy in the hobby noble people. Today there are many varieties of koi carp of various colors – often red, orange, black, brown, rarely purple, yellow, green. For these fishes characteristic patterns in the form of colored spots. Especially prized fish with clear and clean boundaries spots and balanced, proportional figure (the larger the fish, the larger must be the picture).

The king of freshwater aquarium is considered the discus. Its name they got from body shape – rounded, flat, really reminiscent of the disk. There are many varieties of discus with many different colors. So, for turkiso characteristic pereplitayutsya stripes on a brown or red background, for “pigeon blood” red streaks on a blue background, for a “snake skin” – a thin bluish, winding strips, for the “blue diamond” blue or turquoise color without pattern, to cobalto – vertical dark stripes on a blue background, for “Marlboro” and “Golden melon” – red, yellow and orange colors, to leopard discus – specks of red-brown hues. It’s a pretty big fish – 14 cm or more, so the aquarium will need spacious, and are expensive – several hundred dollars for one individual. But they will give pleasure not only bright color but also their intelligence – they can even be taught to take food from the hands of the owner.

Very impressive looking neon. The name of these fish was due to a brilliant blue band in the upper part of the body that the light really shines as neon signs. The lower body is bright red and her eyes green-blue. However, the content of neons is not easy, in particular, they are very demanding of water quality, hard water is not suitable for them, and will breed only in water with slightly acid reaction.

An original painting of different Nothobranchius. There are over 30 species of these fishes, distinguished by colors: the mesh or criptati drawing on a background ranging from yellow to turquoise tones. However, this fish lives a short time – less than a year. The reason is that its natural habitat is small ponds formed in the African desert during the rainy season and drying up after. Until the next rainy season caviar is stored in sand in a dry form.

As you can see, there are plenty to choose from! But we should remember that each kind of fish requires special care, and not always different fish are able to coexist in the same aquarium.