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What to do in case of shark attack? Tips

Office of emergency in the Primorye territory has developed guidelines to tourists on how to behave when meeting with a shark. This was done in connection with several cases of attacks on people of sharks in Primorski Krai.

The memo explained in detail why shark attack people. The following reasons:

The man himself provoked the predator first attacked her. People invaded the territory . which shark for some reason at the moment considers to be his. The predator took wallowing in water rights for mining, for example, for the largest fish.

Later in the training manual includes rules of behavior . which, in the opinion of the authors, will help to protect yourself from sharks.

Don’t swim near fishing boats because of the smell and remains of fresh fish in the water, attracting sharks. Not to swim in the shark hunting periods which occur in the early morning and dusk. Not to go into the water when the presence of the body wounds and abrasions – the smell of fresh blood attracts a shark. Not to do in a chaotic water movements, creating noise and splashing that could cause a shark burst of aggression. That is why experts advise to swim breaststroke, not freestyle . as when swimming crawl arms of the swimmer can to slam hard on the water, causing a noise and splashing. Do not swim far from the shore.

If the shark is already near . the authors of the manuals recommend not to make any sudden movements . try to calm down and begin a gradual movement toward the shore or a boat.

If acylase still attacked, then, if you follow the guidelines of the Ministry of emergencies, the fun begins.

First, we need unashamedly to peel napasai predator than hit in the face, eyes and gills is a shark’s most sensitive places.

Secondly, do not try to swim away from the shark – it is still catch up, because the water develops a tremendous speed.

In addition, experts advise not to try to pretend to be dead, for sharks with this “trick” does not work perfectly. Therefore, in the case of a shark attack, according to experts, to rescue the man can only attack and attempt to fight back.

But what particularly insisted upon by the experts of the Ministry of emergency situations is not to panic, which leads to the most disastrous consequences.

Today, after two cases of shark attacks on humans in Primorye, resulting in a 25-year-old man lost both arms, and 16-year-old boy received serious leg injuries, the management of the far Eastern marine reserve began taking tourists with receipts of what they warned about the threat. This was announced by the Director of the reserve Andrei Malyutin.

And two days ago the management of the Khasan district of Primorsky Krai issued a decree for a temporary ban on swimming in the sea in relation to the coastal waters white sharks-cannibals.

In addition, according to the representative of the regional administration, the authorities of Primorye has created an operational headquarters for the search and destruction of sharks. In the operational headquarters will include representatives of the regional administration, scientists, experts of the Ministry of emergency situations, law enforcement officers.