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Tropical aquarium fish

Pleasing to the eye with its bright color freshwater tropical fish firmly established in the hearts of both Amateur and professional aquarists. But if you are new, how not to get lost among such a variety of shapes, colors and requirements to the conditions of detention? Let’s all in order.

The major groups and the most popular types of tropical aquarium fish


Among popular members of the squad paracinematic should be allocated such as Tetra. distichum, Kerry, Congo, nannostomus, neon. ornatus. Philomena, hilodus, etc. Also this group includes the piranhas, but to keep in your aquarium this tropical fish is not for every professional.

Popular predstaviteley squad catfishes are species such as the so-called nagging catfish (family brestkoye), synodontis. Mahakala, chiloglanis, corydoras. hoplosternum, dianema, ancistrus and others. Such tropical fish in the aquarium are valued for the function of cleansing the bottom and sides of their habitat.

The squad okuneobraznyh in the tropical group presents a variety of cichlids. Depending on species the range of sizes of individual fish can vary from 2 to 90 cm Angelfish and discus. related to this type, enjoying continued popularity for the past many decades.

The most common tropical Cypriniformes predstavitelyami can be called zebrafish. barbs. boci. These tropical fish are gregarious, so keep them singly doesn’t make sense.

The detachment of carpospores: ikromechuschie pachypanchax, dzhordanelly, Nothobranchius and cynolebias, and also known to almost every aquarist viviparous guppy. platies. Molly and a swordtail. Live-bearing tropical fish on this order are considered an excellent option for beginners.

Video — tropical aquarium fish

And, finally, the detachment of the labyrinth: gourami, fighting fish, makropody, donaciinae, family aderinoye. Feature tropical fish of these species is the ability to breathe atmospheric air.

General conditions of tropical fish

The main features of tropical fish is the standard for the water temperature in the tank and its oxygen saturation. The exception is in the temperature regime are makropody, capable of withstanding significant temperature decrease, the labyrinth can do without aeration at all, but for other species of tropical fish, these rules remain relevant. So it is better to buy an automatic heater with temperature regulation and to organize proper aeration.

The rest of freshwater tropical aquarium fish do not require something extraordinary. You will not tell about their marine and oceanic counterparts. That is why only 1-2% of all the large army of fans of tropical fish prefer them, others prefer freshwater.