Marine fish
Needle (Syngnatidae) The most popular representative of the family — the infamous sea horse (sometimes isolated in a separate family). Size up to 30 cm Body skates compressed laterally, and…

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The most useful sea fish
Fish dishes famous for their nutritional value. Thus, its nutritive value, they can easily compete with the meat, because protein in them, sometimes even more. Doctors say that if you…

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Buy gold fish is a decorative carp



Many Amateurs prefer to have in their ponds or ponds of goldfish, the name of which caused the first major change in color. The size of the individual fishes does not exceed 30 cm, but if it were to contain in an artificial pond, the size can grow up to 45 cm Another factor influencing the size of this species is the number of animals in the pond, and forage base. Externally goldfish resembles their progenitors of silver and gold carp.

Feeding goldfish

This fish for a garden pond as goldfish has one drawback – it is very voracious, and if after feeding the food remains, it very quickly begins to deteriorate. As a result the water in the pond may become unsuitable for keeping fish.

To avoid this, feeding goldfish should be done several times a day and the portions should be small. The goldfish, you can say that it is not only gluttonous, but also not picky about the food. It can be not only large bloodworm, koretra, or earthworms, but also feed proprietary, some minced meat will also be eaten with great gusto. Goldfish can eat and foods of plant origin, as well as dry food.

In kormangla this species should be more carbohydrates than protein, because goldfish don’t really need. Therefore, it is better to take care of the feed with a balanced composition from a proven company than to treat the fish in the pond in the future.

In addition, when purchasing food, make sure that they contain natural additives that help to improve red, orange and yellow colors.

Reproduction of a goldfish

12 months after the fry hatch from eggs, animals goldfish reach sexual maturity and are ready for reproduction. For females of this species requires the presence of at least 2 or 3 males. Adult goldfish can lay from 2 to 10 thousand eggs, of which two days the larvae appear. Yourself to swim, the fry begin on day 5. The initial food for them to serve as rotifers and ciliates.

The habitat of a goldfish

Due to the fact that this fish is very hardy, that they contain not only spaces, but also in ornamental waters and ponds on the street. Making a pond on their own, it is recommended to give preference to small fraction from the bulk soil. In addition, the pond should be live or plastic plants, driftwood and rocks.

If the pond or the pond deep enough, the fish in the pond in winter a great winter. In the opposite case, in shallow water of a decorative nature should ensure the supply of oxygen or air into the water. When the temperature is below 12 degrees, the goldfish in any case you cannot feed, because in this period they stop feeding.