Egypt Red sea
This is an exquisite corridor of dark mountains and radiant water. here and nowhere else, is the vestibule between the Levant and the tropics. -E. M. Forster describing the Gulf…

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The inhabitants of the Arabian sea
Arabian sea is located between the u-owami the Arabian and the Indian subcontinent. His area of 3683 km2 and a large part of the sea constitutes one of the ocean…

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Dangerous fish of the red sea


Fish Barracuda belongs to the family barracudas. It is also called shiranai, or sea pike. There are only 27 species. From these, one can distinguish the great Barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda), roundnose (Sphyraena obtusata), and others.


The Barracuda has a streamlined shape body. The trunk can have a variety of colors: dirty greenish, greyish-Xinyu or yellow-brown. On the sides of sea pike has transverse stripes. This fish can be easily distinguished by the very strongly developed lower jaw that protrudes forward of the upper. Syrena has very sharp teeth, which is troublesome when pulling lures out of its mouth.

The jaws of Barracuda

There are sea pike completely different length and weight. Length and weight at Barracuda directly depends on a type belongs to a specific instance. The largest fish registered was a sea pike, body length was 2 meters and 5 centimeters, its weight was equivalent to 50 kilograms. Quite a large size also inherent in the great Barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda). Adults reach an average length included in the range from 60 centimeters to 1 meter. However, there are some cases where some individuals and a four-foot specimen. For the smaller fishes usually referred kind of huacana and bull Barracuda, photo which is presented below.

Distribution and habitat

Multibarreled live in packs, and the grown-up individuals preferred to hunt alone. Adult sea pike usually tries to stay shelf water at the bottom. Very often the Barracuda can be found near coral reefs and underwater rocks. When the weather is bad and the storm begins, sea pike swims closer to shore. Very small individuals do not go to the depth but remain close to the coast and hide in thickets of seaweed.


As you know, the Barracuda is a predatory fish. In the diet of this fish includes almost any animal food. Any sea dweller, which, though slightly inferior to the predator in size, will be attacked by a Barracuda. If you consider the fact that adult sea pike can reach a length of up to 1.5-2 meters, we can safely assume that dead fish will be taken in her mouth.

Big Barracuda on the hunt

The bite from a Barracuda

Sometimes large specimens of sea pike observed is not typical for predatory fish hunting method. Gathering in small flocks, barracudas will attack large concentrations of small fish, knocking them into a ball. There is no denying that this method of hunting and man can become a prey of Barracuda, which joint actions may safely attack. Yet it is worth considering the fact that the blue Ling does not like muddy water and trying to avoid it. So the rumors of attack on people because of the fact that the Barracuda sees the bad is not justified.