Red sea
Red sea – an inland sea of the Indian ocean situated between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa. For the inner sea depth here is very high – more than 3000…

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Evening Moscow - the Tropical fish attacked the boat Fedor Konyukhov
On the boat the Russian traveler jumped the tropical fish type of trigger. This was reported by the traveler and communicating with the mainland via satellite. According to him, the…

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The largest catfish in the world, a freshwater fish predator

In March of 2011 Italy was caught the largest catfish in Europe. It weighed 114 kg and was 2.5 m. Robert godi, the angler who caught it, fought with it for 50 minutes and overcame. He was helped by several people. It was the biggest fish caught in freshwater bodies of Europe. It was called the biggest catfish in the world, caught by the fishermen.

The day was fishing Roberto godi looking for bream, he felt a bite, walked into the river. When soms were on shore, they were all surprised. Roberto weighed the fish, captured him in photos and let it go.

The previous record was caught a little earlier. It was also the European record with a weight of 111 pounds. He was caught on the river Ebro in Spain. May 1, 2009 in the waters of the Mekong river in Thailand was captured another world record weighing 293 pounds with a length of 270 centimeters. These data were recorded by Thai authorities. Was attended by the head of the international research Foundation for WWF (the world Fund of protection of wild nature) Zeb Hogan. The project is interested in the big fish caught in the world. Catfish caught on the Mekong river, is currently the largest fish in the world caught in fresh water.

Large catfish were caught and used in other countries. For example, the Ukrainian Dnipro river, where this fish is considered the king of fish,was famous (according to unconfirmed facts) caught a monster, with a length of 4 meters and a weight of 288 pounds. The Dniester river is famous for caught catfish weighing 320 pounds, as the facts are not confirmed. In 1830, on the Oder river was caught record weighing 400 pounds, again according to unconfirmed facts.

The biggest catfish man-eating

Hungry barbel terrible. There are known cases, when the fish was missing half rotten pieces of rags, when snatched from the hands of the women washing linen, poloxamine on the river.

He is able to flip over the boat and under certain conditions may break up the fishing net and the fish got away.

Com the largest and most powerful river predator. With a length of up to 3 metres, it can weigh more than 200 pounds. However, the size can be more. David Wheeler, an American scientist, has documented in his book “Fish killer” catfish weighing a half ton and a length of 6.3 metres. All podtverjdenie m not confirmed data, this instance became the biggest catfish in the world.

Live in Europe, and in Northern countries. Found in Latin America, Canada, USA. Experts warn that these fish can attack any living creature on the surface of the reservoir. They are classified as predatory fish swallow their prey whole. Tear to pieces can not, as does the shark, because it has no teeth. Small teeth, resembling a brush, it has. Some species live up to 100 years, but very often they are unable to earn their regular lunch. Com quickly find a victim on the surface of the water: dogs, bird and even there are people.