Decorative garden pond
There are many ways to decorate a garden site. Very often it is done only with the help of decorative plants and flowers, garden pavilions, trees, but the most wonderful…

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Dangerous predators such as sharks
The shark is cruel and ruthless hunter, she attributed various unimaginable properties. The shark is one of the main characters of myths and legends of the peoples inhabiting the Polynesian…

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The resort of Egypt killed a tourist from a shark attack

As it became known, the incident occurred on the red sea coast. The victim was 53-year-old tourist from Germany. While swimming tourist in the sea, the shark attacked him and bit off the foot. In the end, a German tourist died on the way to hospital from loss of blood. Note that how far from shore was a man, not specified.

Previous case of shark attacks on tourists off the coast of Marsa Alam has happened in 2009, then the victim of the attack was French tourist.

It is also worth noting that the attack of sharks on tourists is not a rare phenomenon. So for example, in 2013 a German tourist lost an arm on one of the Hawaiian resorts during a shark attack. According to statistics, in 2014, worldwide there were 118 shark attacks on people: of these, 10 people died and 87 were injured.

However, the most high-profile incidents between tourists and the sharks took place in Sharm El Sheikh in late 2010 – early 2011, when the CPS even planned to ban the sale of tours there, as the correspondent of infogroup “TOURPROM”, who specially arrived in this Egyptian resort for the lighting of the situation after former napadeniyu. personally witnessed another attack sea predator on tourists.

That’s what he said: “I arrived in Sharm El Sheikh early in the morning on Sunday. By this time a ban on swimming in the sea by the authorities was lifted in the morning bathed a lot of people, many even swam for the buoys. I, like other tourists, had a little swim, but climbed out of the water, he saw far away a whole flock of sharks. And at this point, about 12:30, on the beach of the neighbouring hotel Hyatt Regency started to panic and screams”.

As explained by our staff, he immediately ran to the beach, Hyatt Regency (one of the best hotels of the resort, is in close proximity to the centre of Sharm El Sheikh – na’ama Bay ), where we found a terrible scene: right at the pier, about 20 meters from the shore, covered in blood and I floundered a woman, hysterically screaming for help. However, to help her no one could. Only after some time, the staff was able to raise to pierce what was left of it – the body of a tourist was bitten by a shark all that she was missing an arm and a leg. “The corpse right on the pier closed beach towels – it was a German woman of middle age. Ochevidno that the tourist died from loss of blood – all the water at the pier was red with blood – just like in the movie “Jaws”. The hotel began to panic. All swimmers, and especially children, were on motor boats from the sea to urgently evacuate to shore. Then the police arrived and cordoned off the entire beach. Also brought divers with harpoons, apparently specially trained, who began to search the coastal waters in the hope of finding the shark-killer,” – said the correspondent of “Tourprom”