Sharks fanateyut from music
The shark is a predatory inhabitant of the deep sea. From one only its fin in his veins the blood run cold. But the thrill does not like to tickle…

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The inhabitants of the red sea.
Continue about the underwater world of Sharm El-Sheikh (or rather about the animals that could be observed in the corals near our hotel). Star Cygan (Siganus stellatus), cute fish of…

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Most dangerous animals of Australia

In this article you will see a rating of where the most dangerous animals of Australia. Australia is very famous for its rich fauna, and if you go there, this rating will be interesting.

1 jellyfish

One of the most deadly animals in the world, and often most noticed in the Australian continent. This jellyfish has an extremely powerful poison. Stings are terribly painful and often fatal. The Australian jellyfish is on the second place among the most dangerous animals on the planet. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of vinegar in your first aid kit if you will be traveling in areas where it is possible to encounter jellyfish.

2 Taipan.

Taipan is a large and very dangerous poisonous snake that is found throughout Australia. Taipan has the most toxic venom of all snake species around the world, it has a dark brown color and is often found in sugar fields where it hunts for rats. The snake is usually found in the far North of Australia, in Queensland, the Northern territory and Western Australia where winter is mild. Taipan’s usually stay away from people, but once they feel threatened, they become predictable.

3 saltwater crocodile

This crocodile can grow to 18 feet (5.45 meters) in length and is often found in Thailand, Vietnam and Northern Australia. They are known to eat adult water Buffalo and have often attacked people.Crocodiles can maskirovka well under water and if someone is caught in your teeth, then just as this creature will not remain.

4 Blue-ringed octopus

Another serious threat for those who want to explore the waters of Australia is the blue – ringed octopus. This octopus is one of the most poisonous sea creatures in the world, and he lives on the coast of Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Although the octopus has a size of Golf ball in Golf, there is no antidote for its powerful venom.

5 Stone fish

The stone fish is the most poisonous fish in the world, and probably the most ugly among all the inhabitants of the underwater world. Because of its repulsive appearance, it received another name – verrucosa

6 rufous-backed spider

This species is found throughout the continent and the most famous deadly spider in Australia. The red striped spider has a neurotic venom that induces severe pain, however, the mortality from it is low. These spiders bite thousands of people, but only 20% of victims need treatment.

7 Brown snake

There are several types of brown snakes but this is often found in Australia. Known as one of the most deadly creatures of Australia. The venom of the brown snake kills quickly, if you do not enter the antidote. Even young snakes are capable of making a fatal bite to humans.

8 tiger snake

The length of this snake reaches 1.5-2.1 m. her Pupils are round. The color of the skin of the back is black, grey, olive, brown, the belly is yellow in color. Loves the coast, wetlands, streams, rivers and the ocean. Active during the day, only on hot days appears at night. Food is frogs, rodents, snakes, birds. This snake is a protected species and any harm to her is punishable by a fine of$4,000.

9 White shark

The white shark occurs in warm surface waters of all coasts, in addition to Arctic oceans of the Earth. Reaches a length of 6 m and a weight of 2200 kg. the Great white shark is krupneishii predatory fish.