Decorative garden pond
There are many ways to decorate a garden site. Very often it is done only with the help of decorative plants and flowers, garden pavilions, trees, but the most wonderful…

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Products to care for your garden pond from JBL - JBL
We present our range of products for garden ponds. In it you will find everything you need to care for water in the garden pond, against algae, fertilizers for nymphs.…

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The most useful sea fish

Fish dishes famous for their nutritional value. Thus, its nutritive value, they can easily compete with the meat, because protein in them, sometimes even more. Doctors say that if you do fish two days a week, we can seriously help your health: heart healthy for longer stays, reduced risk of cancer, increased protection of vessels against atherosclerosis, reduces the risk of problems with cardiovascular system… overall, plus I like food a lot. And what, I wonder, the most useful fish? We will try to know right now.

What marine fish is the most useful

Ice fish


Belongs to the family of Tunas. Tuna meat is widely eaten in Japan, in this country, even in the supermarket for this species a separate counter. Here it is eaten as in the thermally treated form, and cheese. In other countries, tuna is not so popular, and for good reason, because the meat of fish is low-fat, also contains a lot of useful elements, including calcium, phosphorus and large amounts of protein. It is very low calorie — only 80 Calories per 100 grams of product.


Cod meat is also a very valuable and useful product for the body. Cod is a fish of medium size, on average, the length of 60-80 cm and a weight of several kg. Inhabits the Atlantic ocean. The meat is low calorie — only 70 Calories per 100 g, is very easily digested, contains a lot of iodine, which has a beneficial effect on the body. In addition, cod has a lot of useful microelements and vitamins. However, most known for its cod liver, which is rich in vitamin a and is essential for smooth skin, thick hair, strong teeth, but also for the brain. In addition, the liver contains proteins and some other vitamins, which not so much. In General, it recommends to use at a lot of diseases, but in small quantities, because otherwise it can harm the health.

And yet one of the most useful is the red meat of the fish. Why? Primarily due to the fact that it contains fat, which in turn contains unsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They help to regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol in the blood, a positive effect on the immune system and reduce the risk of inflammation. Another interesting fact is that these fats are to our body sort of like to take more nowhere except Yes fish oil. It is also worth noting the fact that unsaturated fatty acids are found mainly in the fish, which was grown in natural environment — those individuals who are raised in fish farms have a much smaller number of these mineral elements. Well, of course, this kind of meat contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that every body needs. By the way, fish is digested much faster than beef, pork or chicken. The red fish are salmon, trout, chum salmon, pink salmon.

If we talk about General use of fish, biologists often say that it can sometimes be dangerous for the body because, for example, many marine species accumulate in themselves harmful trace elements, which subsequently fall into the human body and cause various diseases. On the other hand, meat from livestock which we eat, can be much more dangerous.