Red sea
Red sea – an inland sea of the Indian ocean situated between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa. For the inner sea depth here is very high – more than 3000…

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The resort of Egypt killed a tourist from a shark attack
As it became known, the incident occurred on the red sea coast. The victim was 53-year-old tourist from Germany. While swimming tourist in the sea, the shark attacked him and…

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Top 10 biggest freshwater fish in the world

Once in the oceans and seas were discovered, big fish, people began to fear them. Everyone was afraid of how large freshwater inhabitants satisfy their hunger. After all, the larger kind of fish, the more food is necessary for nutrition. Therefore, to meet the needs of his growing organism in food, freshwater giants begin to eat their smaller relatives of various kinds. Usually fish are classified according to such characteristics as gender, species, etc. We tried to do it on the basis of their size. And here please find a list of the top 10 biggest freshwater fish in the world .

Trout — the big fish of the genus salmon, so it is often referred to as the “Russian salmon”. Its habitat are the major rivers and lakes of Siberia, the Far East and Altai. The predator is able to reach 1 m or more in length and up to 55 to 60 kg in weight. This species is famous for the aggressive and ruthless nature. It is believed that the trout are able to feed their own calves. For this freshwater species there are no restrictions in food. Russian salmon eats literally everything that comes his way.

Catfish — the largest freshwater fish accesata. Inhabits lakes, rivers of the European part of Russia. as well as in Europe and the Aral sea basin. In good conditions this species grows up to 5 m in length and gains weight up to 300-400kg. Despite the large size, the catfish body is extremely flexible. This allows active night predator quickly to produce their own food. There is a misconception that this species feeds only on carrion or spoiled food. But it’s not. In actual fact the main food for catfish are the fish fry, small crustaceans and aquatic insects. The fact that such diet is freshwater fish only at an early stage of development. He later updated with live fish, different shellfish and other freshwater animals. There are even cases when the largest catfish have attacked small Pets and waterfowl.

Nile perch can be found in rivers, lakes and ponds of tropical Africa. It is particularly prevalent in the Ethiopian region. The body of a vicious predator reaches a length of 1-2 meters and weight of 200 kg. and more food In the Nile perch eats crustaceans and various fish species.

The Beluga belongs to the sturgeon family. This large fish lives at the depth of the Azov, Black and Caspian seas. The Beluga may reach weight a ton. The length of the body it will be more than 4 meters. To this kind belong to the present long-livers. The predator can live up to 100 years. Food Beluga preference for such fish species as herring, gobies, whitebait, etc. fish Also loves to eat shellfish, and sometimes preys on seal pups — pups.

The third place of our list of the ten largest freshwater fish in the world is the Stingray. Scat is a beautiful predatory fish, which can be found both in tropical seas, in the waters of the Arctic and Antarctica, as well as in fresh water. Most fish of this species are common in Asia. Inhabit the slopes and the shallow, and depth. The most gigantic specimens reach up to 7-8 m in length. In this case, the slope may gain weight up to 600 kg. Feed on large fish preferentially echinoderms, crustaceans, molluscs and small fish.