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Marine Mycobacterium. The infection and lesions caused by Mycobacterium sea. Distribution
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Marine aquariums

In the minds of some people marine aquarium is associated with something incredibly mysterious and complex, others thoughts are focused in a different direction – poured salt into the water, here you have the sea, simply and without any ploys. In fact, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

There are several key messages that describe the subject of marine aquarium :

With the correct approach and care, the content and run marine aquarium is no more difficult freshwater.

In marine aquariums it is possible to engage both simple content and more complex.

It is important to know that a marine aquarium is significantly different from the freshwater content, therefore transferring knowledge about freshwater aquarium in the sea, at least, unwise and impractical.

The cost of consumables and equipment for a saltwater aquarium is much higher than for freshwater.

The inhabitants of a marine aquarium are also significantly more expensive compared to freshwater inhabitants.

In marine aquariums is much worse Affairs with the information flow.

Based on these theses, the conclusion is that the marine aquarium is no less exciting and interesting world than the world freshwater aquarium.

Sea aquarium is not just a vessel filled with sea water and inhabited by morbimortality. This is a world of unique and pristine coral reef. Marine aquarium populated by marine fish and invertebrates (mainly some species of sea urchins and sea stars). In the reef aquarium besides fish contains a large number of anemones, corals, fan worms, shrimp. When creating a reef aquarium it is best to use a light metal-halogen lamps. The fact that the usual fluorescent lamp may be sufficient for the existence of anemones and corals. Proper lighting marine aquarium at home gives you the opportunity to enhance the color of marine fish.

To run marine aquarium you can use a huge variety of saltwater fish: small bright pomacentrid, predatory lionfish, Moray eels prepodobnyj, noble “fish angels”, triggerfish, and, finally, inimitable and memorable clown fish.

A marine aquarium is undeniably much harder than freshwater. In freshwater aquarium to improve options water can be drained one-third of it and pour fresh. In a marine aquarium such replacement water is difficult, due to the large consumption of sea salt and the risk of deterioration of the established biological balance. In marine aquariums larger than 100 liters, the support issue of water parameters is not solved by replacing a large quantity, as by the use of rather sophisticated equipment for natural regeneration and purification. The second important difference between marine aquarium from freshwater is the presence of flow and strong lighting. As the sea current in the aquarium is quite strong, it is important to equip it with a strong pump that creates the simulated ocean currents. Another difficulty of the content of marine aquarium simulated Maritime microclimate for the inhabitants of the pond. Sea residents are more intricate and require more attention. However, a saltwater aquarium is much prettier and more interesting, which justifies all the difficulties that are associated with caring for him.