The inhabitants of the red sea.
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Fishing for predatory fish
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The popular live-bearing aquarium fish

One decade is of interest to aquarists is one of the most popular groups of fishes viviparous toothcarps of the family poeciliidae.

This is the most diverse group, from all available, including a huge number of species, differing in their simplicity to the content, bright color, peculiar behavior, and, of course the birth.

All this makes the fish attractive and interesting. They are recommended to beginners to gain skills in keeping and breeding. Viviparous fish in natural conditions there are about 200 species that live in both fresh and brackish water in Central and South America.

Some species are found in the Asian part of the Eurasian continent. Today, there are and plenty of types, obtained by artificial selection. The most popular among aquarists are considered as Swordtails, Guppies and Mollies.

All viviparus are schooling fish. Therefore, to purchase their necessary flocks. The main distinguishing feature of the poeciliidae is their method of reproduction. They do not spawn and produce fry, ready to eat with the first day of life. In this case, the fertilized female of any kind can throw fry repeatedly, over a long period (up to six months).

Males have the most appeal. They are the owners of the most elegant color, the most incredible forms of caudal and dorsal fins. However, they are quite compact in comparison with females, which is not distinguished by its expressiveness.

In its variety of all kinds of live-bearing aquarium fish are able to delight the eyes of an extraordinarily beautiful shapes and colors. In addition, they have a fairly long period of life, from 3 to 6 years. But for this, they need to establish the minimum conditions.

The minimum set of conditions it is possible to note the constant availability of clean water. This can be achieved by filtration or regular water change of about 1/3 the volume of the tank. Fishes to provide additional aeration. Those representatives viviparous that live in brackish waters, you need to add a small amount of sea or table salt. The optimal temperature range can vary From 21 – 28 P.

Also don’t forget about the rules of feeding. The main thing here is the fish is not to overfeed, which can lead to obesity, loss of ability to proliferate and reduce life expectancy. All members of poeciliidae are omnivores. So you can feed both dry and live food.

These simple conditions, calm nature, and interesting behavior viviparous aquarium fish, makes them particularly popular.