Marine aquariums
In the minds of some people marine aquarium is associated with something incredibly mysterious and complex, others thoughts are focused in a different direction – poured salt into the water,…

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Life began in water, or rather in the sea water. The sea has great power, they hide amazing secrets. Take, the healing effects of sea salt, on the basis of…

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Products to care for your garden pond from JBL – JBL

We present our range of products for garden ponds. In it you will find everything you need to care for water in the garden pond, against algae, fertilizers for nymphs. JBL also presents a wide range of feed for pond fish.

Food for pond fish from JBL:

JBL Pond Sticks classic – a Classic food in the form of sticks for pond fish

JBL Pond Sticks 4in1 – complete food in the form of “sticks” for all pond fish, containing 4 different types of “sticks” of different colors

JBL Pond Flakes – Food for pond fish in the form of flakes

Coloron JBL Pond – Food for pond fish in the shape of sticks that enhance natural coloring

JBL Pond Vario – Food for pond fish, consisting of a mixture of flakes, sticks and crustaceans

JBL Pond Energil – Food for pond fish in the shape of sticks for feeding at low temperatures

Food for KOI from JBL:

JBL Koi mini – Feed in the form of pellets for young Koi (10-20 cm)

JBL Koi midi Koi Food medium size (15-35 cm) in the form of granules

JBL Koi maxi – Fodder in the form of pellets for large Koi (over 30 cm)

JBL Koi Energilmidi/maxi – Vital food in the form of sticks for feeding Koi in cold weather

JBL Koi Delikat – Gourmet food for Koi, the caterpillar of the silkworm

Tools for water in a garden pond from JBL:

JBL StabiloPond basis – the Main treatment for all garden ponds

JBL StabiloPond KH – a Means to stabilize the pH in garden ponds

JBL OxyPond – Highly active oxygen for garden ponds

JBL FilterStart Pond – a Drug that contains the bacteria to activate pond filters

JBL HumoPond Activ 2-component active peat pellets in a mesh bag

JBL PhosEX Pond filter – Filler for pond filters in the form of granules to eliminate phosphates in the garden pond

JBL PhosEX Pond Direct – the agent for removing phosphates in the garden pond

JBL SediEx Pond – a Means for the effective biological removal of sludge from garden ponds

JBL BactoPond – product containing a highly concentrated solution of bacteria for biological cleaning of pond water

JBL AccliPond – a Drug to protect pond fish during acclimatization and to reduce stress

JBL FloraPond – fertilizer in the form of balls for pond plants

JBL PondCheck – rapid test for pond water

Means to combat algae in garden pond from JBL:

JBL AlgoPond Sorb – a Drug to block the growth of algae in the garden pond using the effect of “sunglasses”

JBL AlgoPond Forte – a Drug to combat algae in garden pond

JBL AlgoPond Direct – Drug for effective control of filamentous algae in the garden pond

JBL AlgoPond Green – product to eliminate single-celled algae (algal blooms)

The meds for pond fishes JBL:

JBL ArguPond – a Drug to combat argulus

JBL GyroPond – Medication against Gill worms and tape, as well as other infectious parasites

JBL FuraPond – Medication against internal and external bacterial infections of pond fish tablets

JBL Ektol bac Pond – a Drug against bacterial infections in the garden pond

JBL MedoPond – Medication against parasites and fungal diseases of pond fish

Equipment and accessories for pond JBL:

JBL AquaCristal UV-C – Ultraviolet sterilizers for ponds from 5 to 110 W

JBL PondOxi-Set – aeration System for ponds

JBL AntiKink with Floater – Float to lock the sprayer in garden ponds in the correct position

JBL Pond Thermometer is a Floating pond thermometer

JBL Pond net fishing – Pond nets with telescoping handle 90-190 cm