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The inhabitants of the red sea Tourism forum

Dangerous inhabitants of the red sea

The red sea is considered the most beautiful sea in the world. It really impresses by its variety of colors and shapes. However, not everyone knows about the dangers you may encounter, neglecting the basic rules of conduct in the sea. In this article we wanted to tell You about the inhabitants of the red sea that can be dangerous, how to avoid and how to deal with the consequences, if You still got hurt.

Sharks in the Red sea are found the great white shark, grey reef shark, silky shark, black tip reef shark, oceanic white tip shark, silver tip shark, nurse shark, reef white tip shark, hammerhead shark and leopard shark. In the territorial waters of Egypt are not many, they are home to the coast of Sudan. Near the beaches, hotels shark You are unlikely to see, they like more calm places.

Sharks of the red sea is typical for their numerous family. Meeting them does not Bode well. So the principle is one to stay away from them and all will be well. However, in recent years, many researchers prove that sharks are not aggressive. They just don’t need to provoke. For example, if you find yourself in places of their possible habitats, no need beating the water with hands and feet swim as calmly as possible, any bleeding must be stopped immediately. Otherwise akullore to take you for a wounded fish with all the ensuing consequences. Floating alone, stay away from schools of fish. Well, absolutely do not feed these animals. It’s like that with food to offer yourself as dessert. If you see an approaching predator, do not run away from him – still catch up. Much better and more correct to turn to face him and to demonstrate his calm and friendly attitude. If a single shark threatens you, approaching closed circles, then do a vigorous rhythmic strokes, try to simulate the movement toward the shark, maybe she’ll get out of your way; do not swim across the direction of its movement, rushes straight at the shark, quickly evaded to when approaching in either direction; as a last resort hit it with his foot or fist, or grab her fin and swim with her until the opportunity to move away from her. In fact, the chances to be attacked by a shark are very small the danger may be reduced if you will know what to do, and use repellants sharks.

Barracuda (ocean pike) is a large fish about two metres long with an elongated body greenish color. Huge mouth lined large knife-like teeth. Barracudas are predators that eat only fish. Mostly hunt with the sharks. Most often you can see them in large flocks where they feel extremely confident and appeared before them divers do not pay any attention. Large specimens may attack the person. However, all attacks on humans occurred in turbid or dark water where a moving hand or foot of a swimmer was taken by a Barracuda swimming for fish.

Deaths in attack Barracuda per person is not fixed, but the aggressiveness and large size allow it to be seriously hurt. Wounds must be treated with disinfectants and consult a doctor.