Dangerous predators such as sharks
The shark is cruel and ruthless hunter, she attributed various unimaginable properties. The shark is one of the main characters of myths and legends of the peoples inhabiting the Polynesian…

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BIO international, independent, portal
Among infectious diseases most common diseases of bacterial origin: aeromonosis and Pseudomonas. Aeromonosis.The causative agent is aeromonad – motile gram-negative bacteria p. Aeromonas (A. hydrophila, A. sobria) related to SEM.…

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Academic – aquarium fish and plants

Types of terrariums

And quarium is a world with its own laws, its people, its landscape. It can be sea and river, it can be populated with exotic fish and a strange shrimp, it can doze sunken Galleons and the lure of the mysterious caves. The aquarium is an entire ecosystem, the knowledge which is infinite, the study of the universe.

Challenging the laws of life behind the glass walls of the aquarium can change depending on what part of the world brought your Pets, which plants planted in the aquarium, which matched the landscape. Some fish species can’t get along among themselves, a difficult combination of conditions, suitable for fish and shrimp. It is not always possible to combine the desirable flora of the aquarium and its population – for example, some plants and fish need water of different hardness, some predators may nibble plants… a Balanced ecosystem – a clear, thoughtful mechanism, and it is not so easy to create!

And the design of the aquarium has its own rules. The background it would look better this or that type of fish? How to design harmonious aquarium? How to combine colors and shades the soil, reefs, plants, fish? Much of the complexity of creating the perfect world!

Where to find the information you need to create your aquarium Solenoidality comfort?

“Academic” is a vast library of materials that will help make your aquarium a real home for its inhabitants. How to reproduce natural habitats, how to create amazing native landscape for African inhabitant of the lake and near Moscow river, the muddy pond and a coral reef.

What soils to use, what plants to plant, depending on the population of the aquarium, how to create the perfect composition using natural and artificial materials – all this can be found . Bright, colorful, and is not different from life on will of the universe – that’s what dreaming of your Pets, that’s why it’s important to give them the usual aquarium plants and details of the landscape, whether it is a reef, freshwater driftwood or a small rock.

Of course, in the “Aquademie” a lot of topics devoted to the feast of our Pets. What is a house without a rich table? What to feed fish and other inhabitants of the aquarium, how to make that they each other did not have lunch – it’s all there in the relevant sections. You will also find extensive information about how to treat Pets, what do they need, how to properly clean the tank.

Many professional aquarists breed fish in an aquarium, even the most exotic. The case is difficult, demanding, requires a lot of knowledge. “Academic” will help you to have the wedding of Pets and raise a wonderful generation of children! You will see how captivating it is to help the birth of new creatures, for which the aquarium will be native born.

You have not decided which species to have in the aquarium or decided to replenish the collection of flora and fauna? For you “Academic” prepared an extensive section describing different types of fish and aquatic plants, including recommendations on care.

Of course, provided the opportunity for enthusiastic hobbyists. Share experiences, ask advice, discuss common problems, just to boast of their Pets and put their pictures on the forum “Akademika” .