Top 10: the biggest fish in the world caught ever
Every fisherman dreams of a nice big catch. Professional anglers try to catch the biggest fish and set a new world record. Each of us understands that is an absolute…

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Bait for catching predatory fish. A new tool for bait fish.
The principle of operation: The main principle FishHungry it is considered permanent high hunger, exclusively at big fish. FishHungry working specifically on instincts fish physical level, at first, to to…

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The overflow system for the marine aquarium T-004

Overflow system for a saltwater aquarium is required for circulation of water between the aquarium and sump (technical capacity for filtration and the maintenance of regenerative processes of water circulated in the system). Made of high quality food-grade, chemically-resistant material, not susceptible to UV degradation.

All, both novice and experienced lovers of the marine aquarium when you install a marine aquarium one way or another faced with the problem of the choice of system overflow, and usually the choice is not too large, either the so-called “mine”, the overflow through the top of the aquarium, etc. We do not claim that spillovers are bad, not at all, fine, BUT! all these systems have a major drawback — external unattractiveness. And always a way out, as they say — next.

We have designed a overflow that allows you to organize reliable and noiseless circulation of water between the aquarium and sump, while maintaining the aesthetics of the interior of the main tank.

But that’s not all. You can create the wave formation by setting an additional return passage. All that remains is to connect another feed pump (pump) turning it in a pair with the first using a simple timer or controller. Thus, the alternating current from the different parties will create the effect of natural waves,which in turn will not only look aesthetically pleasing but also allows the aquarium inhabitants to feel in a natural environment. Because the current and waves carry nutrients all living beings have been your corals.

Experienced aquarists may notice that the lattice is often, and quickly becomes overgrown. But here, the construct was designed. Grille, nothing like the cover, wearing a ribbed round nut, it is easy to remove and clean.

To appreciate the aesthetics of overflow, inform, cover grate in diameter is only 6 cm, but can easily be mastered by the passage of water up to 3000 litres per hour, and the casing return passage has a diameter of about 4 cm with a capacity of up to 1760 l/h. And if you aquarium requires more performance, then you might consider the installation of two wastewater from different sides of the aquarium on the back wall, on either side. The system outage also easily collect bacterial film from the surface of the water, and it is sometimes to organize in other ways absolutely not easy. And in some cases will allow to avoid the cumbersome installation of additional pumps of course, which is also aesthetically advantageous.

To summarize the advantages of the system: the minimum dimensions, aesthetically pleasing, productive, precision adjustment removes the bacterial film, food grade material, is chemically stable and resistant to UV radiation, has minimal adhesion (practically nothing sticky). And this list can continue, but if You are aware of other factors — let us know.

Efficiency one system — for aquariums up to 400 l. Capacity of draining up to 3000 l/h. Productivity return to 1,760 l/h. the Thickness of the aquarium glass up to 12 mm.

Template drilling glass

For drilling glass, you must first make a template so that the drill doesn’t go to the party. It fastens with plasticine strip clamps and slowly, slowly start drilling, pouring water, without pressure. Do not drill through, and about half, then the same procedure on the reverse side: drilling to meet, in order not to form chips.