Academic - aquarium fish and plants
Types of terrariums And quarium is a world with its own laws, its people, its landscape. It can be sea and river, it can be populated with exotic fish and…

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The most useful sea fish
Fish dishes famous for their nutritional value. Thus, its nutritive value, they can easily compete with the meat, because protein in them, sometimes even more. Doctors say that if you…

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Red sea

Red sea – an inland sea of the Indian ocean situated between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa. For the inner sea depth here is very high – more than 3000 meters, as this sea lies in a tectonic break. The Red sea is not no river flows (around deserts), and therefore the water is exceptionally clean.

Off the coast of Egypt water temperature even in winter does not fall below +20 degrees, and in summer rises to +27. Due to the heat evaporates much water, causing the salinity of the red sea reaches 38-42 grams of salts per liter.

In this sea are ideal conditions for underwater flora and fauna. There are about a thousand species of fish, including endemic species, and about 150 species of corals. The coral reef extends directly along the shore, and near them go to schools of fish of most unimaginable colors and shapes.

In the Northern hemisphere there’s no better scuba diving than the coast of Hurghada, Safaga, El Gouna, Sharm El Sheikh, Ein Sukhna, Marsa El Alam. Diving Safari – long trips on boats and yachts in the southern and Northern areas of the red sea. The term “Safari” means a cruise ship with multiple dives in the most interesting points of the sea’s many Islands, atolls, coral reefs and sunken ships.

The most extreme place – “Blue hole” in Dahab. Predstaviteley the well width of 3-4 meters, stretching deep into the coastal reef. Inside is a strange bluish glow, alluring submariner on and on. The tunnel out to the open sea only at a depth of 50 meters many divers were unable to return from there back.

The cost of diving safaris largely depends on the level of craft, on which you will travel. Repeatedly painted cutter with steel staircase and an old compressor type cylinders portions of the compressed air, will cost $200-250 per day. Five-star yacht Moon Dancer with elegant cabins, a hull of mahogany, a home cinema and an exquisite menu will cost much more expensive. The price will include the right to use the laboratory, allowing on Board to print the pictures and mount videos. The best option is a small ship with a crew of local residents and small cabins with bunk beds – in case of inclement weather. In good weather, much nicer to sleep on the upper deck under a starry sky and warm breeze.