How to determine how compatible aquarium fish
I wish to breed aquarium fish? Commendable, this is a very interesting exercise. Want to have a house large panoramic aquarium, and swam in it a variety of beautiful miniature…

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Egypt Red sea
This is an exquisite corridor of dark mountains and radiant water. here and nowhere else, is the vestibule between the Levant and the tropics. -E. M. Forster describing the Gulf…

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Business idea: fish farming in the basement or pond

Hello friends! How about a wonderful business idea — fish farming?

Like for example, did this brave entrepreneurs from the city of Biysk, you can say at home.

They became interested in artificial fish breeding in the basement of a multistory building, deploying whole rybhoznaya.

Read more how to earn money in the basement, watch the video.

To have real your own pond with fish — the desire of many suburban or suburban residents.

Along with decorative Koi fish, more and more often, interest and cultivation of commodity fish. Fish breeding may occur, i.e. it can be stocking any pond. But it is better before you run the fish, hire a specialist or to come to the fishery and bring the settings of your pond, consult with the farmers. The depth, length, width, and also to determine how many young fish need for breeding in the pond, he felt perfectly satisfied.

Those who want to put fish farming on stream, should take into account that the conditions of ponds under stocking should be special. First, pure water that meets certain requirements. Secondly, the pond should be with a flat bottom that is well planned. Water should flow down and be collected together with fish in ribosomy assetlist.

In addition to size and good water supply, the ponds over the summer several times discourse, investsource, okazyvayutsya, that is, they are trained so that they a great oxygen for fish.

Feeding the fish

Feeding the fish a special theme. Winter fish do not need feed. Begin to feed in the spring, when the water in the pond warms up to 17-18 degrees, then she starts to eat well.

Experienced fish breeders begin the growing season the fish with her feeding. Give small portions, the fish has to be remembered that such feed and conduct the mandatory control of feed daily intake of food. Alternate feeding fish forage and grain.

Smoother calves fed in a special way. For him the emphasis is on the maintenance of natural fodder base. That is, even in the winter, long before filling ponds with water during the flood brought along the coastline of the dung heap for the development of natural feeds. The first time Malek actively consumes them, high growth rate. Then starts the feeding with artificial feed.

Fish seed

To grow healthy fish, we must carefully treat the purchase of stocking material. It is advisable to buy fry not of those who undertake to resell, but in rybhoznaya. You can come back and ask for a certificate, certificate of quality veterinary certificate form 1. When buying fish for breeding and making money, be sure to consult with experts about the number of fish suitable for your pond. After all, ignoring the rules, you can ruin all efforts.

Of course, it is worth considering what kind of fish should. For example the carp, it is less capricious, and therefore many people to earn money with the lowest cost, try to take for cultivation and future sales, it is carp.

For example, silver carp grow harder than carp. He and during transportation and capricious. Sturgeon undemanding fish, he even lives on a small suburban ponds.