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How to determine how compatible aquarium fish

I wish to breed aquarium fish? Commendable, this is a very interesting exercise. Want to have a house large panoramic aquarium, and swam in it a variety of beautiful miniature fish. This requires to know the fish species, basic fishkeeping and how to determine the aquarium fish compatibility with each other.

Compatible aquarium fish

Setting in the home aquarium, answer the question, what is it for you? For rest and relaxation that you get, watching the peaceful coexistence of the aquarium family. Or you like rushing attacking predators. Should we stop any one, original fish and engage in their cultivation.

If you are interested in the first option, install in-house so-called common aquarium. In such a tank can contain a variety of peaceful fish. It will be able to coexist peacefully:

the Rasbora and tetras hiding;

neon / cardinal tetras and a plecostomus;

swordtails and cardinals;

carnegiella, ruby tetras and barbs of fire.

The compatibility of all these fish aquarium is ideal.

In species aquariums, as a rule, contain fish of the same species. Aquatic inhabitants in the absence of competitors – neighbors, feel at home and well breed. And hazaimeh “fish farming” do not have to think about the compatibility of one type of aquarium fish with the other. For such species should be created in an aquarium environment, their real habitat. If you are going to find yourself in this tank of discus, prepare for it in advance. Examine the relevant literature regarding their breeding and feeding. Some so are fond of this kind that have been breeding discus life.

It is interesting to observe the aquarium viviparous fishes, preferring to brood offspring in itself. In favorable conditions, they are well breed, bringing a lot of children. Of these fish species fully compatible with each other: the sword, hupei and black malinese.

For the breeding and care of cichlids, use – zichlinek. This group of aquarium fish, extremely varied. It combines both the peaceful, and unusually aggressive species. Get along well together: the Oscars, and eight-lane cichlasoma cichlasoma Meeka.

Geographical exotic aquariums

But the most interesting option are the geographic aquariums. In it coexist fish sharing a habitat.

Create an aquarium in the style of African lakes, filled with pseudotropheus, tilapia and sabrinaferilli. If you like South America, your choice is: plasticamp, pristelly Thayer, carnegiella and marble aramitess. For lovers of Southeast Asia like: dwarf gourami, pearl gourami, makropody, cockerels and chocolate gourami.

The aquarium fish compatibility with each other depends on a number of reasons. And the size of the aquarium and on water quality, the number of inhabitants and their reproductive behavior.