Evening Moscow - the Tropical fish attacked the boat Fedor Konyukhov
On the boat the Russian traveler jumped the tropical fish type of trigger. This was reported by the traveler and communicating with the mainland via satellite. According to him, the…

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We present our range of products for garden ponds. In it you will find everything you need to care for water in the garden pond, against algae, fertilizers for nymphs.…

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The inhabitants of the Arabian sea

Arabian sea is located between the u-owami the Arabian and the Indian subcontinent. His area of 3683 km2 and a large part of the sea constitutes one of the ocean basins of the Indian ocean. So the Arabian sea is very deep, its average depth is 2734 m and the maximum – 5203 m In the Arabian sea there is a large Gulf of Aden, through the Strait which connects the Arabian and Red seas, and Gulf of Oman, to which it is connected by the Hormuz Strait, Persian Gulf. In the Arabian sea developed fishery – there are more than 100 species of commercial fish, including sardines, tuna, Marlin, sailfish, mackerel.

Important fisheries for shrimp, crabs and lobster. The local waters are filled with several species of sharks, including Mako, black tip reef shark, tiger, blue and bull sharks. Even swim in shallow water, these sharks generally do not attack people, on the contrary, when meeting with the person trying to quickly retreat. The people here are much more dangerous to the sharks, because for the edible fins, which are exported, sharks in the Arabian sea foraged in large quantities.

Lovers of sports fishing or scuba diving is familiar to another inhabitant of the local waters is the giant grouper, from the family of. This huge (2.5 m, 400 kg) fish lives in warm coastal waters and leads a solitary lifestyle, preying on lobsters,crabs, stingrays, baby turtles and various fish. Groupers adhere to its territory, which is bound to have some kind of cave or crevice large enough grouper could take refuge there for the rest. Adult groupers because of its impressive size have no natural enemies, so they are clumsy and slow. It is the slowness of the grouper makes it such a desirable target recreational fishermen and divers love to swim with the good-natured giant. However, as with any wild animal with the grouper we need to be vigilant – there were cases, when these fish attacked a scuba earnestly and caused serious and even fatal wounds.

In the Arabian sea is home to a unique representative of the family of herring – Dora. This is the largest of the herrings (I, 4 kg) does not form large shoals, as other mackerel, and occurs singly or in small groups. Dorobou also called toothed herring or Wallsend for two large, protruding upper teeth, resembling a wolf’s fangs. These teeth give durabe active predator, and indeed, unlike most of the herring that feed on plankton, Darby prey on fish and crustaceans. Dorab quite a common fish and its meat has an excellent taste, so the locals often take walcotella to his Desk.

A significant portion of the coast of the Arabian sea inhabited by corals. Here, as in the neighboring Red sea, inhabited by clown fish, angelfish (Royal and Imperial 3 angels), butterfly fish (pennant, cherepina bar and butterfly fish), triggerfish (sini, Krasnopolye orangecompany and the triggerfish) and lionfish (Zebra fish),which the locals prefer to call the lionfish is probably the lush fins resemble the lion’s mane, and predatory habits lionfish – mores the king of beasts.