Tropical aquarium fish
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Decorative garden pond
There are many ways to decorate a garden site. Very often it is done only with the help of decorative plants and flowers, garden pavilions, trees, but the most wonderful…

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Deadly animals

6 places to practice extreme sports, where

is possible to obtain from local inhabitants

The stolen money and the upset stomach is not the only danger that you may encounter, going in search of adventure in an alien region or country. Today we tell about the amazing inhabitants of our planet who don’t care that you’re on vacation and arrived to seek adventure. In our material 6 popular regions to practice extreme sports and activities, and those who in these places can be a real threat to the health and human life.

Silent abyss

Five main dangers that lurk in the depths of the seas and oceans

Most of these creatures trying to interfere with Russian tourists and especially not considering you as a food source, but if successful, the case could have hurt you or eat, and later to declare that it was self-defense. So, be ready with the voice of Nikolay Drozdov, found most interesting in our opinion animals, insects and inhabitants of the seas, to which it is better not to meddle with the request for photos “for memory”.

Australia. The revolt of the shells

The birthplace of the strongest surfers in the world, even before the appearance of people with boards, was the habitat of many interesting and Octopussy creatures. Forget the kangaroo with strong legs and thirst for Boxing in the country, giant waves and beautiful the underwater world is the worst in the ocean. On the East coast of Australia shark attacks is quite a common phenomenon. If you try to choose from the most dangerous species in Australia, you have all chances to get acquainted with the teeth of the great white shark, grey, tiger and even a giant shark-a hammer.

But, the world-famous beaches of Australia are received primarily due to the jellyfish Chironex fleckeri or sea wasps. The poison acts immediately in all directions, attacking the nervous system, heart and skin, which often leads to fatal outcomes. To sail beyond the buoys is not necessarily jellyfish periodically brings to the shore. The prize for the most dangerous kind receives a snail-a cone Conus geographus. Anyone who tries to take this shell home gastropod mollusk shoot a harpoon with a toxin that can kill a healthy person. In 1993, from the bite of the cone 16 people were killed.

Sea wasp.

Altai. Clumsy tongs

Cafe Argut

Personal experience in the catamaran rafting on the rivers of mountain Altai — amazing extreme sport may finally disappearing from the mountain rivers.

It is only in the minds of the aliens bear a symbolic character, living in every second Russian entrance, but for everyone who has gone to travel across the vast expanses of our country, almost the only serious danger from the wildlife. A great chance to meet this giant predator will go for rafting or trekking in the Altai. In most cases in the form of a man brown bear slowly going away, but if he will prefer to attack you(which is unlikely), you probably will kill or seriously injure. The weight of the Altai brown bear can reach 400 kg, thus he can easily climb trees, swim and reach speeds up to 50 kmh.

Against the bears, ticks can seem insignificant, however, and these little insects can cause serious damage and even kill. Not every individual is a carrier of tick-borne encephalitis in certain areas adjacent to the Altay mountains to the level of risk can reach 25%. If the bite is the most frightening is not the disease (fever and fever), and possible consequences, among which the functioning of the brain, paralysis, loss of hearing, vision and other terrible ailments.

The Katun River, Altai Mountains.